AQW Walkthrough: Lionfang Part 5 – Venom Vault

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Lionfang Part 1 – Blackhorn Keep 
Lionfang Part 2 – Onslaught Tower
Lionfang Part 3 – Falguard
Lionfang Part 4 – Death Pits
Lionfang Part 5 – Venom Vault
Lionfang Part 6 – Storn Temple (FINALE)




Surveillance  for Sir Valence
Just walk around the place (up, left, up, right, right)

Well Planned Getaway
Fight Chaonslaught Warriors

Secrets of the Mad Prince
Go back into the room you went for the first quest and click on the book


Potion of Cleansing
If you didn’t take the path on the right side to get to the previous room, do that (up, left, up, right, right) and there should be an arrow. Click on that


You’ve Been Noticed
Defeat Chaonslaught Casters

Thorny Situation
Make sure you take the mage glove from the last quest. Then go around and click on the roses. If you take the path on the right, it’s faster





Other Ingredients
Defeat some more Chaonslaught Casters

Time for Supplies
This time, fight Chaonslaught Warriors to get the vial

Cooking Without Fire
Fight either one of the Chaonslaught monsters to get the Heating Element

Go around and click on the fountains (there’s two closer to the right path and one closer to the left path)




Courtyard Key
Fight more monsters until you get the key

Take Out the Chaos Manticore!
Go into the garden (up, up) and fight the Manticore



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