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Mirror Realm Part 1 – Mirror Mirror
Mirror Realm Part 2 – Journey to the Overworld
Mirror Realm Part 3 – RedDeath Swamp
Mirror Realm Part 4 – Mirror Portal (FINALE)




I Can’t Touch This
Fight any monsters in the area to get Monstrous Life Force

Nope, Still a Ghost
Fight RedDead Moglins to get Boneweed. After you’re done, go back to Bardolph and click on the grinder and then go to the screen on the right and click to put it on the fire

g1 g2

First We Need a Beacon…
Walk around and click on the swamp water until you get Reasonably Clean Swamp Water

s1 s2 s3 s4

Light it Up
Fight Fire Leeches to get Flame Glands

…Next We Need a Trap
Fight Grim Widows to get some Sticky Webbing

For Spirits, Not People
Get Vicious Ectoplasm from Swamp Wraiths

Being Solid is Cool
Fight any monsters

Spider Bites are Not Cool
Fight Grim Widows

Still Too Fragile
Slay Spirit Wraiths




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