AQWorlds Walthrough: Doomwood Part 3

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Doomwood Part 1 – Doomwood Forest
Doomwood Part 2 – Chopping Maul
Doomwood Part 3 – Tower of Necromancy
Doomwood Part 4 – Necromancer University
Doomwood Part 5 – Temple of Doomwood
Doomwood Part 6 – Lab/Mountain
Doomwood Part 7 – ‘Finale’
Doomwood Part 8 – ‘Doomwood Part 2’ Necropolis Dungeon
Doomwood Part 9 – Necrocavern
Doomwood Part 10 – Zombies
Doomwood Part 11 – Zombies Finale



You can get here by going through the Maul (going all the way to the right and then up two screens) or you can /join necrotower


ID What you Did There

Fight Slime Skulls for the toxic goo and fight Doomwood Treants for pain-per. Hopefully it’s not painful to them since they don’t have feelings- probably.

The Ego and the ID

Fight Skeleton Warriors to get the drops. I got them on my first try so I wouldn’t know the drop.

An IDeal Seal

Fight Bonemunchers. When you get the seal, go into Necro U after you complete the quest.

Floor 0


Why do these incentives… sound like… CAKE. PORTAL. CAKE. CA- SPAAAAAAAAAAACE. +1 if you get the references.

Need for Speed (Reading)!

You actually do have to finish reading all the books in under a minute. What I did (although I highly doubt that it helped) was that I opened up the quest window, closed the talking window with eyeCom on it, accepted the quest and clicked the nearest book and then proceeded to close the quest window.

What you basically do is click all the books ‘reading’ them. BUT. You have to read the one all the way to the right first. Then you have the ability to speed read.

IF THIS DOESN’T WORK- Refresh the page/log out and back in and try again.

Okay, so someone told me that the tomes are different for everyone. So I have something else for you guys.

First you accept the quest.
Then you click all books accept for one.
Then Join a different necrotower and click the last book.
It’s really easy and It works too.

Floor 1

Floor 2

Floor 3

Floor 4

Floor 5

You have to click in between those buttons- the real one you want is on the right, but there’s no way you can click it without going in between the two of them. I have a second skelly there cause I forgot to erase it lol

Floor 6

Floor 7

Lol sorry the overlaps make it a bit hard to read… if you have questions comment.

Kudos to Ashihara12 for this. This is POSSIBLY. Temporary. Anyway, doesn’t matter which skell you choose

Floor 8

I used yellow since there were too many buttons and I used the same red as the one on the buttons.

Floor 9

Used different colors due to overlaps. I should’ve done arrows… but hopefully you get the point.

Floor 10

Well that’s all for the floors 😀


The shop that she has is only for members. Now for the Necromancer armor…

NUE Necronomicon -You get this from Speedstayke (or what ever her name is) from Light Guard in the Rep. Shop. You need to have a rank 10 in Doomwood though.

Creature Shard – Get this from the Creature creation- the one in the Chopping Maul. This item has a 5% drop rate.

Good luck on getting it!



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  1. Thx alot this helped me greatly, especially the pics.

    • Haha, np 😀 Glad it helped you 😀

  2. number 2 level 8 doesnt work right now im stuck D:

    • Edited. Try it now. 😀

      • when i do the book one i read a book all the way but i dont get speed read

      • It’s a different book for every person- you have to start the quest over if you didn’t get the Speed Read first

  3. ur awesome

    • No problem ^^

      • 3 years later and you’re still helping people. You’re awesome. :3

      • Haha thanks!

      • is that true that member only can get the necromencer even if we have the neu necronomicon

  4. I Need help in the books its doesn’t working

    • Okay, abandon the quest and leave the room. Come back and then accept the quest. Then click the book furthest to the right. It should let you speed read. If it doesn’t, either clear your cache or log out and back in (both do the same thing- I’d just refresh the page which is just logging out and back in).
      If it doesn’t work tell me again 😛

      • thx i got u are the best of all

      • it wont work

  5. thx a lot for the help phantom ur the best!! ^_^

    • Haha no problem ;D

      • there is another way it is to try again next time you come like if it still does not work the first answer try again next time like in august or july

      • Yeeep. Only I probably wouldn’t wait that long XD

  6. yo phantom ur ab awesome guy
    but can u make a tip how to get
    to doomwood rank 10 i need
    some help thanks
    and wanna meet sometime
    my name is alpha nexus if you post me ADD ME!
    whats your name in aqw?

    • Baww thanks xD
      I actually don’t have really a way much. I haven’t been aiming for the armor since I’m behind b 5 ranks. The highest rank that I’ve ever gotten anywhere for Rep is 6 (lol fail)
      Hm maybe lol 😛 I can’t guarantee that you’ll find me though XDD
      I might give my name- I’m not sure to be honest lol (I have weird reasons for not giving it so yeahh xD)
      I think about it ;D

  7. Ermm…How did you get between the two buttons on the fifth floor? I keep falling through it. :/

    • Nevermind that. Haha sorry

      • Haha no problem 😛
        By the way, nice name you’ve got there ;D

      • yeah haha

  8. what about doomwood part 4 it is here today

    • Yeah it’s here today; kinda busy today so it might not be up until later *curses*
      I’ll make sure that I’ll get it up ASAP

  9. Now, I have a question on the 10th level…I can’t seem to get across from right to the left side, in the middle section. :/

    • Yeah I just tried… I’ll go fix that in a second. 😛

    • Okay, so I just did again. You have to go a little bit more to the left to the rock on that side. I’m going to fix that right now.
      Hopefully it should work 😀

  10. Hey. on level 7, when my second skeleton always get stuck on the first wall whenever I use my first one to get to the second button and when I go back to my second skeleton it can’t move(it’s just stuck on the wall

    • Ooh you’re right about that 😐 It was working fine back then. They seem to have added a larger border around the doors…
      I’ll have to see what I can find about that ;A; So for now there isn’t anything you can really do… There used be a glitch where you could walk through the door at a certain point (the last door that is) so I guess that’s why they made the edge larger.
      They’re working on fixing it so wait a bit 😀

      • i stuck at level 7 to -_-
        how you can pass it ? 😀

      • Yeah it’s a glitch ;A; I’ve confirmed that it’s a glitch- so there isn’t anything you can do right now.
        The moderators already know and are on their way to fixing it- so it might be fixed on Friday (not for certain- it’s just when they do all their updates),

  11. hope your right im entirely sick of getting stuck there

    • xDD Yeah a lot of people are sick of it o3o
      They might fix it Friday. Hopefully.

  12. I tried swapping the two skeletons, still glitched.

    • It doesn’t matter which one you switch- it’s a glitch with the border of the gates. Doesn’t have to do with the skeletons

    • Updated Level 7. Please do check \o3o/

    See, there’s this glitch on Floor 7 in which the second skeleton can’t move because it’s foot is stuck on the door, Well, it turns out, it’s just a trick from AE. What you do is:
    1.) Put the first skeleton on the first button.
    2.) You can see theres a crack on the wall beside the lever, Put your second skeleton beside that crack then click inside the locked room.
    ~Easy as that
    Find me at Cysero: Ashihara12 😀

    • WOAH LOL. YOU’RE RIGHT. Kudos to you. I don’t think it’s a trick (well I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was though xD) cause there was a glitch were you used to be able to walk through one of the doors.
      But thanks 😛 Kudos to you.

  14. I cant do the eyeball guys quest, how come?

    • Are you sure that you’ve finished everything before that? If you haven’t, you can’t finish the quests

  15. floor 10 didnt work

    • Ah yeah about that. It’s a bit funky at the middle- but it should work. I’ll check later to see if it still works I’m pretty sure that it does though

  16. The solution for level 10 doesn’t work. 😦

    • You have to be a bit careful in the middle. Otherwise it should work. Or are you falling somewhere else?

  17. thx a LOT man

  18. how do you get there and do all of that it looks so hard.

  19. men you are cool! tnx a lot!!!!!! whohoooo!!!!

    • Np man U:

  20. help why i cannot go to the tower floors? i finnish all quests even vordred

  21. the speed reading got some bug is it? Everytime when you click the last book then it will say unsuccessful. This is the solution that I have found. Get out of the tower and head north to go out of necrotower. Then when you want to exit, it will say ‘Go to the necromancer University’? Click ‘yes’. Then go back into ‘Tower of necromancy’ again. Run back into the tower and click on the last book. SUCCESS! Hope this helps cause I have been doing this for half and hour. Almost gave up too.. :X

  22. ftw!..LVL 10 is so hard!.. x.x it doesn’t work..

  23. oh,.Im done 😀 thanks dude.. XD

    • No problem o3o

  24. im doing the back bones connected to the neck bone quest but the bonemuncher collar isn’t dropping, how do i fix this?

  25. Thanks for the Tips!!!! ^_^

    • Yep no problem!

      • I think this game is racist to black people everytime i enter floor 7 it drops me down to floor 1 and its only happening to me because im black any tips lol and add me blade13ripper we can take this game on together racist bastartds excuse my french lmao xD

  26. thankssssss

    • Np

  27. how come i can never do the speed read it said that i learnt how to speed read and then when i read all the books it said read quicker

  28. Dude, what’s the best way to get doomwood reputation? It’s so hard!

  29. after all the quest where do you get the necromancer rank?

  30. Hey… I’m stuck in Level 10..
    How come there’s a hole beside the rock? (5th step)
    I kept falling in it.

    • Ohh… Nevermind it. Hehe, I already got it. Thanks anyway for the walkthrough!
      I just wanna ask, where is that creature creator? I couldn’t find it in the Chopping Maul!

  31. thx alot i use limited internet so i cant use youtube…with your picture guide i can solve my problem tq very much

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