AQWorlds Walkthrough: Arcangrove

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Teehee, I love his hair… And his design for that matter

Observing the Observatory

Lol, time to jump into that magical portal. Take the portal on the left to read a fancy book. Take the portal on the right to find Reens to do some quests and get some rep stuffies (don’t forget that there’s a shop there :D). Take the red portal to go nowhere (lol). Take the other portal to go meet some fancy people with quests for you. Walk up the stairs and you will complete the quest. Oh hohoho, look a Chaos lord :3

Ewa the Treekeeper

TRAVEL WESTWARD LITTLE CHILDREN- or go left. Hah. Travel left into the Cloister. Oh hah. Look. It’s a magic bear… Not a wood elf as I had expected. XD Talk and then you shall be allowed to complete quests. Proceed to complete HER quests.



Bear Nessecities of LifeRoot

If you don’t get the pun, look at what kind of animal she is. XD In the tree, Forward, forward, left and get the sparkly thing.

Acorny Quest

Forward, forward, left, and you’ll find an acorn there. I hate. acorns. Or anything hard for that matter XD


Doesn’t always drop. And it’s annoying. Let’s just say that.

It’s a Bough-t Time

Go to Reens and BUY A MANA POTION. JUST ONE. Note how I say BUY and ONE. BUY SUM FROM HER TODAYYY~ XDΒ  K now go get things.

1- Fwd, left, sparkly tree

2-Keep going left from there, sparkly tree

3-Go to beginning, up, left, right, sparkly tree

Wendigo Whereabouts

Forward, forward, left, and the right on to the canopy πŸ˜€Β  Wendigo. Sounds familiar. Rather not search it up though. πŸ˜€ AND CUTSCENE.

And back to Rayst.



Find Paddy Lump

Eww. Go to Mudluk Village (lazy to correct spelling). Talk to the Paddy Lump frog toad thing. SO CUTE. I LIEK YOU. XD Jk, not that much, but decent. XD


There’s a magical blue mushroom somewhere. Click it for an AC shop.


Toothy Smiles

Fight 10 of the lurker thingies with eyes. You know what I mean. XD Yeah swamp lurkers :DD Not absolute drop. D;

Slimy Cyrus

Lol I didn’t know what to do and went like “WHERE IS THIS SLIMY CYRUS JOO SPEEK OF” and I silenced some people. Fun. Fight 5 random swamp monsters.

Lord of the Fleas

Lord of the Flies- short but good book (although it’ll probably make no sense to you). Go to the Tower of Magic and walk around until you find some gorillaphants. Fight 10 of them.

Not the Best Idea

Fight the swamp frogdrakes that are everywhere… 12 of them to fight. Like, as in, you have to fight 12 of them.

Gates and Guardians

Lol, this one is really annoying xD The first time I came to Mudluk (forgetting that there was a whole quest line) I just ran around and clicked crystals. ‘Twas rather fun and stupid o3o Alrighty (lol, right… xD get it? It’s okay if you don’t =3=)- So start by going… Right, up, left, click the crystal, up, click the crystal, left, down, click the crystal, up, right, up. And yay! πŸ˜€ The gate is open ^^ Click the gate lock and walk through. BOSS TIEM. XD And then a cutscene. πŸ˜€



Water You Waiting For–Find Nisse

Lol… Water you waiting for… xD Go to the Natatorium on the map.


Hey gee! I wonder if this was where those breathing pot- wait did DF even happen yet. XD


Dive Right In

There are little purple coral/tubey things sticking out of the ground. Go… AND COLLECT THEM. XD I love those creepy statues everywhere.

Seafood Diet

Fight the anglerfish. I wonder if those would even taste GOOD in real life… =______= Old… tasty… chewy skin… ugh… *shudders* And you have to fight 20 of them. Ahahaha… That’s worse than the ones in Mudluk. If they’re going to eat these guys, why not just buy a net… Wait I forget if they’re eating them in the first place. XD


Fight 15 merdraconian. Bleh, still pretty annoying. Lol, at first I thought you were fighting them cause they ate peoplez and you had to fight them to get them out of the merdraconians’ stomachs XD

Synchronized Slaying

K, this involves some extra work since the items don’t always drop.

  • Brain Coral – The Magic Tower – Gorillaphant+Seed Spitters
  • Staghorns – The Cloister-Acornent
  • Sea Fan – The Cloister- Karasu
  • Sea Whip – The Cloister-Wendigo
  • Anemones – Mudluk Village-Frogdrake + Lurker

The Deep End

More fancy buttons.Forward, left, up, walk on top of the orange shells in a C like formation, starting on the top most shell and ending on the right most shell. YOU MUST FINISH IT WHEN IT IS STILL MOVING. I did some variation- I’m not sure, but I got really mad and it worked XD you should get a yellow message about an opening seal.

Go right, right, and up. Start on the leftmost and go one more to the right, do the leftmost, and then do the second leftmost one.

Now go down, right, and up. Okay. I’m going to give them all names. Top left, A. Top right, B. Middle one, C. bottom one, D. CADB. BUT. There’s a catch. When you go to B, the fish will be going down. YOU DON’T WANT IT TO GO COMPLETELY DOWN. Else you’ll have to restart.

Now, down, left, up, and open the gate πŸ˜€ Fight Nessie and you’ll get a magic cutscene.



Find Umbra, the Great Shaman

Lol, I wouldn’t be surprised if he lived in a super dark cave and looked like an Umbreon. XD



Well he does have a giant hood he lives under.

The Root of Elementals

Find Earth Elemental and fight them. Return to Arcangrove and beat 4 seed spitters.

Eupatomic Elementals

Find and fight Water elements. Travel back to Natatorium and fight the merdraconians.

Breaking Wind Elementals

Kind of obvious right? Wind elementals, and go back to the Cloister and fight Karasu

Fighting Fire with Fire Salamanders

Fire elementals and Swamp frogdrakes

Guardian of the Gilead Wrap

Lol sounds like some burrito wrap o3o XD Go left, up, left, and click on the magical floating plate. Get a piece of paper and write down the first letter of the color of the symbols that show up. Walk around and find the emblems- click them in REVERSE order of the order you wrote down. The gate should be unlocked. Go and fight the boss.



Find Felsic the Magma Golem




Liquid Hot Magma Maggots

If you go down the second hole you’ll find one. Lol, gradient shaded monsters. If you look closely there’s a face in the second hole XD Fight 8 of the maggots.

Scorched Serpents

Fight 5 of the flying snakeys o3o I thought that they were fire wyverns at first XD

Playing with Living Fire

Fight Living Fire. Durp. XD

Kindling Relationship

You have to press some magical orbs nao :3 Btw, in the 3rd hole there’s a flame that gives you a quest if you’re an upgrade.. FOR A FIYAH ESTINGUISHAR. XD Enter the last hole and click on the GREEN then BLUE Ball. Now go on the first hole and click on the BLUE then GREEN ball. Go to the bottom right area and keep walking…Β  And woo- fat dragon boss. Reminds me a lot of the one in the dragon cave. Must be the redness and the fatness xD



He has nothing magical to say. Head on over the observatory (into the portal and up) and into that really creepy awesome sparkly thing. XD

Obey Your Thirst For Adventure

If you walk forward, just go defeat some mana imps. (I hear there’s a fancy scythe :3).

Captain Falcons

Fight the Mana Falcons.

Big, Bad and Baddest Bosses

Fight all the bosses in the Arcangrove Area. This is what really held me back. Ur. Just find a group to fight with.

The Great Mana Golem

Fight the Mana Golem in the area. This is different from the Mana Elemental in Gilead by the way.



Chaos Lord Ledgermayne

He’s probably one of the harder bosses where you actually have to do stuff. Every time it says ‘RUN TO THE PURPLE AREAZ’ Run to the pad on the right of left depending on which one is purple.

That’s it πŸ˜€



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  2. Nice walkthrough but in the mudluk area the crystal order is wrong. Thats it thanks for sharing

    • Ahhh is it really? Looks like I’ll have to fix that

  3. Super helpful!

  4. Have u fixed the red crystals ?

  5. VERY SUPER DUPER HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜€

  6. 10/10 helped me with mudluck πŸ˜€

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