AQWorlds Walkthrough: Doomwood Part 5

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Doomwood Part 1 – Doomwood Forest
Doomwood Part 2 – Chopping Maul
Doomwood Part 3 – Tower of Necromancy
Doomwood Part 4 – Necromancer University
Doomwood Part 5 – Temple of Doomwood
Doomwood Part 6 – Lab/Mountain
Doomwood Part 7 – ‘Finale’
Doomwood Partย 8 – ‘Doomwood Part 2’ Necropolis Dungeon
Doomwood Part 9 – Necrocavern
Doomwood Part 10ย – Zombies
Doomwood Part 11 – Zombies Finale



QUESTS (Located on the top right corner for every floor)

Level 1

Fight 5 slimeskulls, 5 shelletons and 5 bonemunchers.

Level 2

Get 3 Ecto-covered Runes from Ectomancers, 10 Necrotic Runes from Undead Mages, and get the corrupted runes by clicking on them. They’re red and on every floor.

Level 3

Fight the Lich and the Ghoul and then move on once you get what you need.

Level 4

Fight the Skeletal Fire Mages for ‘Fire Extinguished’. Click on the arrows on the floors for the ‘Aether Torches’.

Level 5

Fight Ectomancers, Skeletons or Slimeskulls for the drop. They all may have a possibility of having what you need.

Level 6

You get the mandibles from Bonemunchers and Freed Souls from Soul Eaters.

Level 7

Go up on the floors and get rid of armors by clicking on them. I’ll have pictures later.

Level 8

Fight them to get the Ectoplasmic orb from the Ectoplasmancers and the Conflagration Orb from the Fire Skeletal Mages.

Level 9

Get Ghouls Gone from Ghouls and go up floors to put down Ghoul-Be Gone stones or what ever.

Level 10

Fight anything for the key

Level 11

Get Souls Soothed from the Spider thingies. Then set down the little magical beacons on the other floors by clicking the blue arrows.

Level 12

Fight Ectomancers to get the Ecto-Covered Core and fight Slime Skulls for Slime covered Skulls.

Level 13

Go up and click on all the little purple orbs.

Level 14

Fight 15 of the monsters in that floor

Level 15 (Halfway there my childrun!)

Fight all three of the little monsters in the room. Only one will have it.

Level 16

Moar little blue arrows to click.

Level 17

Bonemunchers and skeletons will have what you need o3o Vertebrae comes from the Skeletons and the Collar comes from the Bonemuncher.

Level 18

You get Tattered Necronomicons from the Undead Mages and Scorched ones from the Fire Mages.

Level 19

Fight 10 Shelletons, and 3 Skeletons. The Bonemuncher skulls are CLICKKKED. They’re on different floors. If you didn’t know that. XD I just realized that ๐Ÿ˜€ I’m a shtupid little child.

Level 20 (C’MON CHILDREN. Gosh the way I use ‘children’ is scary)

Fight to see who has the key (Gosh why did no one tell me that this wasn’t the last level? ;A;)

Level 21


Restore the Tome

Go up on the floors and click on the little pages

Recover the Pages

Fight ANY monster and it just might have the page

Reconstruct the Codex

Fight the Gatekeeper Lich. And gosh Artix you’re so magical and sparkly o3o


Galvanize the Guardian

Fight SHELLETONS to get what you need. You do NOT. Need a Scroll of Cure Pertification. You need a Basilisk Scale and a Scroll of Magic Inversion dropped from them. When you have these go to the Stone Paladin. Go to the Merge Shop and merge the items. Finish the quest o3o




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  1. Where do you go to get in the Temple of Doomwood

    • As of now, you can type in /join temple or you can access it from Battleon. There’s a button that says ‘Doomwood Temple’. That’s all I know. I don’t like walking to places so yeah.

      • go all the way left of the necromancer university until you get to the slime

      • Alright thanks o3o

    • go necrou and go all the way to the end of the left purple doors where there is slime with board then go left again or just /join temple

    • where are all 10 of the skulls on level 16 im stuck and have been for about an hour

      • Some of them are probably hiding behind monsters

  2. thats not the end of doomwood i need to know were to go after please

    • That’s not the end but that’s coming out later ๐Ÿ˜›

    • That’s not end- but it’s not released yet o3o So have some patience little child XD

      • the end is here now (gosh way past the ending!!!)

  3. ok thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • No problem ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. I can’t find the ghouls. Also, there is this other room I thought that might have the ghouls inside, but only allows people with membership to enter. Do you know how to find the ghouls?

    • Keep fighting random monsters on that floor if it requires ghouls. They respawn at random, so if there’s a Skeleton, after it dies there might be a slime instead.
      Hurp hoped that helped o3o

  5. For some reason, I can’t see any quests from the stone paladin except for galvanize the guardian. I’ve completed everything else in doomwood, is there a reason for that?

    • Are you sure you finished all the levels? Including the one with the tome? Lol sorry I’m not exactly there yet (I’ve been behind- gawd I hate essays) so I’ll check like.. now… xD

      • Sorry, maybe I wasn’t clear. Not your fault. I can’t get past the first level in the temple. There aren’t any quests from the stone paladin. How do i complete the task. I have tried logging out, etc. but even after defeating 5 of each type of monster on the first floor, I can’t get down…

      • OOH. I see what you mean now. Okay, they’re not given from the knight (I should make that more clear o3o)
        It’s in the corner. Enter the temple and go to the first floor. On the top right corner there should be a button that says ‘Quests’ click that. That should have the Level’s quest. There is a different one for every floor, so only Level 2 has the Level 2 Quest and only Level 9 has the Level 9 Quest and so on.
        Does that make it more clear? o3o

  6. ^Wrong John, Yes that helps. Thanks!

    • FFT. You’re absolutely right. XD
      Daz gud ^^ No problem o3o

  7. Hey, I killed da dragon, but the door on the right of the screen near dragon, i cant access it, it says u need to go to the necromancy school to go in, is he talkin about necro u university, if that, who should i talk too, because i also cant seem to access Galvanize the guardian. So where should i go to access that door

    • Whut. Okay make sure you’ve finished EVERYTHING from Doomwood up to this point. So have you have to have…
      Finished Arryd’s Quests
      Finished the Chopping Maul (Not including fountain quests and secret room)
      Finish the Tower of Necromancy (You have to get to the top, aka past the 10th floor)
      Finished Necro U (That means ALL 4 classes)
      Finished the ALL the floors in the temple and the part with tomes (which is the room you’re trying to go into)
      You have to finish all of those. Or do you have some other problem where you’ve finished them?
      Galvanize the Guardian can only be accessed after you finished all of the above.
      Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜€

      • DUDE U DA MAN

      • DUDE U DA MAN, but somehow i still cant get into the room with the book in it, do i have to finish all of what u said to get in there?

      • Haha no problem ๐Ÿ˜› Here I’ll just copy paste cause I’m lazy xD
        Finished Arrydโ€™s Quests
        Finished the Chopping Maul (Not including fountain quests and secret room)
        Finish the Tower of Necromancy (You have to get to the top, aka past the 10th floor)
        Finished Necro U (That means ALL 4 classes)
        Finished the ALL the floors in the temple
        Once you finish all the floors, you can go to the right of the last floor and enter the room with the book in it

  8. how to unlock the paladin’s quest?

    • I gave a reply to your last comment, just add on ‘Finish the Tome quests’ then you can do the Paladin’s quest

  9. please say it tome how to unloack?

    • Finished Arrydโ€™s Quests
      Finished the Chopping Maul (Not including fountain quests and secret room)
      Finish the Tower of Necromancy (You have to get to the top, aka past the 10th floor)
      Finished Necro U (That means ALL 4 classes)
      Finished the ALL the floors in the temple
      Make sure you’ve finished all of the above ๐Ÿ˜›

      • how to get necromancer class?

      • You have to fight the Creature thing in the mall (the boss in the third screen when you go up and then up again) for this drop called ‘Creature Shard’. Then you have to reach rank 10 in Doomwood by doing quests from Lightguard then buy this item from Stykespeed (the old lady in Lightguard) and then merge them to get the Necromancer Class

  10. hello again

    i want to ask you my first question in this doomwood part 5

    in mission reconstruck the codex or what is it what i have to kill???

    lich or cryptkeeper lich??

    thanks ( i am from my mother to :p)

    • Oh the Cryptkeeper Lich o3o I probably should have made that more clear xDD
      LOL NICE. I’m always hiding from my mom when I’m playing around on the internet \o3o/

  11. where can we find noxus after completing temple of doomwood.we ha v to defeat him rite

    • Well Noxus isn’t here yet ๐Ÿ˜› The furthest you can get is reviving the Stone Paladin.
      We’ll kill him eventually o3o No need to worreh ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. then when we finish al these? what we have t do

    • Wait for the next release o3o Which is this Friday

  13. hey big bro ( actually i am INSERT MAGICAL AGE HAER so i have to hiding from my mother)

    do you find the next quest after the temple of doomwood

    i hope you reply me thanks ^^ ( i am graphicgameportal aqw fans^^)

    • I. Can’t tell if that was sarcasm or not. xD 2, please don’t reveal your age on this site unless you’re over the age of 13 (this also goes with faking your age saying ‘OH GEE I’M 10’- that could still lead to issues as I have seen before). I’ll feel like I will have to deal with legal issues later xD Which hopefully won’t happen ๐Ÿ˜› I can’t really tell if you’re joking or not with the 1337 user and the grammar issues XD

      The last quest that’s for Doomwood that’s outside the temple is currently the Stone Paladin. If you /join temple and go up a screen you can find him there. Otherwise you’re going to have to wait until the next update.

      And glad your a fan of the site ๐Ÿ˜€

      • its shadowfall war

  14. Thanks a whole lot. Finally caught up to the storyline

    • No problem ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad I could help \o3o/

  15. wat do u do after finishing the last class in necrou?

    • /join temple (put that in the chat box and press enter). Complete the stuff there.
      But why are you posting this on part 5? XD Classes were in Part 4 o3o

  16. o3o i am sorry hey big bro. how to become fans in this site. i love this site ^^

    • Haha, it’s alright ;D
      Hurrr. I don’t really have an FB page for this site (until I come up with a logo and get a real website) and I you can’t subscribe to my site unless you have a WordPress account…
      So I guess the best you can do is just visit the blog often o3o
      Thanks for all the support and lurrrv xD

  17. No problem big bro. anyway do you know card clasher class. i swear i see that class this morning. do you know what is that class anyway??

    THANKS ^^

    • Urp ๐Ÿ˜›
      You have to buy the actual cards in real life (they have these tin boxes for the cards I think, or they were rectangular pyramid paper ones). Inside the box they have a code and you insert that in the game and you get the class. I might get some cards for myself lol \o3o/

  18. hey big bro. tomorrow will be the next quest of doomwood ^^

    • Haha, I already know, but thanks for notifying me ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. hey this is the final new quest of doom wood ^^

  20. next quest after the temple

    • hey. nice to meet you ^^

      • Mmmmhm

      • yes ???? :confuse

      • I shorten things up. Mhhhhm would basically be yes without me saying anything.

      • ugh >..<

  21. Thank you very much! I didnt realize you have to accept a quest! *facepalm* xD. I finished the Doomwood saga in 4 hours because of you! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well, I have to finish the Noxus War first. Please post Noxus War walkthrough. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • No problem o3o Lol xD
      ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad I could help o3o
      Well we have to fill up the bar on the top by giving in medals. You fight monsters and if you get medals you turn them in. Either 5 Shadowfall Defender Medals or a Mega Shadowfall Defender.
      This is takes in consideration of the effort of all the players in the game- so if you raised it by one percent, so did everyone else’s.
      I don’t really have much to write for it- I wrote one but I didn’t think it was all important so I have it as 5.5 xD I’ll have Part 6 up after the wars over

  22. Thanks for the info! It really helped! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • No problemo o3o

  23. hey??? what do you mean if there are a new doomwood mission big bro??? why don’t you tell me T.T

    • There is a new quest, but it’s not directly related to the story line. It’s just a war so weeow- doesn’t really count. So I have it up as 5.5 instead of 6

  24. where do you go to kill noxus

    • He’s not here yet- but we should be able to fight him soon

    • go into the skull then go right and then go into the golden doorway

  25. wat do u do after completing the crypt?

    • /join shadowfallwar
      And fight Noxus

      • then go to arc attack then go to /join vordredboss for the ending

        this is all you need i gave you the last information

  26. phantom are you rank 10 doomwood can you give me some tips?

    • To be honest, I’m not rank 10 in Doomwood which is pretty sad xD I’m almost there though- I didn’t really bother to rank up. I want to wait until the end of Doomwood since after that, all the Rep I gain from the quests won’t go to waste. Plus I won’t have to waste as much time (but then again, I’m still going to use time waiting until releases, but I can do other things).
      So you can either do what I’m doing, or you can constantly do the quests they have at Lightguard. Those are pretty much your only options for now.

      • well what rank are you then? im rank 8
        ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the info when you tell me ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. yo question do u know how long the necromancer will last???

    • It should probably be there for the rest of the game unless noted otherwise

  28. Hey I’m stuck on level 21 of doomwood temple do you have to get 40 key shards or kill the dracolich? Or both?!

    • It does not matter whichever you prefer as the description says there are 2 keys but you only need one.

  29. Why we must complete the arryd quest (warrior reinforced) that is very tired how to complete that quest(>_<)??????????

    • Urrr which quest? Warrior Rez-queue or Reconnaissance Route?

      Warrior Rez-queue – Find and click on the sparkly gold men

      Reconnaissance Route – Go down the bottom right path. So right, and then down. Then continue down the path after fighting all the monsters per screen to get to the undead paladin (You don’t have to fight him yet)

      Or are you talking about something else?

  30. What Doomwood rank are you suppsed to be when you finish the saga?

    • There isn’t really a rank- depends how many times you did Lightguard. But I know what you’re saying- it’s just that I’m too lazy to calculate it xD But by the time I finished, I was rank 7- like maybe a couple K away from rank 8?

      • i was rank 6

  31. its very boring to level up wish i could repeat saga over again and regain the rep really want the necromancer class

  32. yay a few days ago i became doomwood rank 8 because i did bot quest worlds!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. this part is boring

  34. hey guyz do you know how to unlock shadowfall in the portal to lightguard???

    • finish the temple all of it you don’t have to do the bonus quest though

  35. the temple of doomwood is so easy!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. dude how do i get the pages for the huge book (after killing dragonlich)???

    • Restore the Tome
      Go up on the floors and click on the little pages
      Recover the Pages
      Fight ANY monster and it just might have the page
      Reconstruct the Codex
      Fight the Gatekeeper Lich. And gosh Artix youโ€™re so magical and sparkly o3o

      Isn’t that at the bottom of this page after Level 21?

  37. how do i get those quests and thx for answering so fast

  38. ooops ty very much i just found out how to do it

  39. i killed many of them but i cant get Basilisk Scale and a Scroll of Magic Inversion
    can anyone tell a solution

    • Are you sure you accepted the quest- that’s usually why things don’t drop. Other than that I have no idea (you could log out and back in possibly?) other than the fact that it has a low drop rate.

      • actually the drop rate is pretty high

    • i found out shelletons r the only thing tht drops them

  40. i cant defeat the boss…a few hits and i’m dead..

    • try killing 40 mages that are in the temple ex: Lich, Undead Mage, Fire Mage etc.

  41. level 19 what are sheletons??

    • monsters

    • they are white turtles with a skull for a shell a big one


    • Either kill the Skeleton Dragon or kill 40 mages like Lich, Undead Mage, Fire Mage etc. that are in the temple

  43. hey phantom it looks like u r the expert here. umm when i try to merge the basilisk scale and the scroll of magic inversion but everytime i hit merge it doesnt do anything.. i have tried logging out and back in, redo the quest and it stil does it. is it a glitch or somthing

  44. Eae cara, nรฃo sei por que mas tรก tendo um bug que quando eu vo pegar a Cure of Petrification ela nรฃo vai eu fico clicando que nem um doido e ela nรฃo compra ( Eu tenho tudo do Shelleton ( Nรฃo sei se o nome รฉ assim ) eu tenho os 2 Itens que precisa pra pegar ela mas ela nรฃo vai , por que acontece isso?

  45. Help I cant accept the mission in the Doom wood Temple “Galvanize the Guardian” its says something about Available after THE CRYPT but i went to the chaos crypt many times but it doesn’t do anything

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