AQW Walkthrough: Lionfang Part 2 – Onslaught Tower

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Lionfang Part 1 – Blackhorn Keep 
Lionfang Part 2 – Onslaught Tower
Lionfang Part 3 – Falguard
Lionfang Part 4 – Death Pits
Lionfang Part 5 – Venom Vault
Lionfang Part 6 – Storn Temple (FINALE)



Talk to Gravelyn and equip either the Undead Fighter or Undead Mage armor from her


NOTE: I have no idea which pictures I took matched which quest so I only have one set of photos for one of the quests

Lion Hunting
Walk around and look at all the rooms

Secret of the Death Fog
Fight Golden Warriors, Golden Casters and Golden Calvary

The Key to Survival
Rinse and repeat above quest

The Tools
Walk around and click on the blue arrows

The Talent
Go to the start of the area and talk to Gravelyn

The Local Locale
Walk around and click on the blue arrows to place the amulets





Who Holds the Key
Fight more Golden Warriors, Casters and Calvary again

Leave No Rug Unturned
Some more blue arrow searching

Tame the Lion
Go into the dungeon and fight Lionfang




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