AQW Walkthrough: Friday the 13th – Never Say Neverworld

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Find the Shadow’s Door
Walk all the way to the right


One-Way Trip to Neverworld
Fight monsters to get the key. After turning in the quest, go to the closet and walk into it



Slash the Shadows
Fight any of the monsters in the area

Deprogramming for Dummies
Click on the blue arrows across the place. To get the Instruction Manual, fight monsters until it drops

Guardian of the Lab-Rary
Fight monsters until you get all 5 of the answers (don’t go to the door first it’s pointless).

Answers 2 and 4 are dropped by Spid-Spiders, Answers 1 and 3 are dropped by Snackistopheles, and Answer 5 is dropped by Fishizzles.

Riddle 1 Answer – The Doorknob

Quick Switch
Go into the door and click on all of the blue arrows. You’ll have to click the one on the table multiple times.

We’re BOOM-ed!
Go to the right and click on all the furniture that the blue arrows point to

De-Generation Situation
Go to the right one screen and defeat the Generator

Shielded Against the Shadows
Click on the blue arrows until you get the Unicorn Shield. After that, fight Fishizzles and Snackistopheles to get ‘Is This the Unicorn Shield’.

Making a Many-Armed Arm
Fight the Kennel Doors

Kreature Kibble Khaos
Click around on the blue arrows. I am missing one picture and several of the actual kibble arrows by the way.

The Gang’s Not All Here
Fight Fishizzles, Spid-Spiders and Snackistopheles


Defeat the Neverbeast



AQWorlds Walkthrough: Friday the 13th 2012 – Sleetzer’s Bunnyapocalypse

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Make Way
Fight Bunny Minions

Black Pelt Test
Fight more Bunny Minions…

Networking Fibers
Walk around and click on the green spools of thread

Guess What in a Guess Where
Click on all the stacks of hay in the area

Splitting Hares
Fight more Bunny Minions

Sleetzer’s Bunny Quarters
Go all the way until you meet the crossroads where you can go up or down. Go down two screens and then to the right one screen. You’ll find his quarters there.

The Sleetzer Bunvinci Code
Fight multiple Bunny Minions to get parts of the code

Take Sleetzer Bunny Out!
Go to Sleetzer’s quarters (take the same directions as the Sleetzer’s Bunny Quarters quest) and then go down one room. You’ll find Sleetzer there. Fight him.

Mantis Ray Reaper
Walk around and find the parts and click on them. At the cross roads, go up. There should be two pieces there. Going on the bottom path, there should be a part right on that screen. Go to the right and click on the last piece.

Top screen first piece

Top screen second piece

First bottom path piece

This one is on the screen right to the image of the piece above

A Map Wouldn’t Hurt
Fight Bunny Minions get the map. The drop rate isn’t 100% (at least I’m pretty sure- I can’t really confirm this since I got it the first time I fought something) so don’t be surprised if you don’t find it the first time.

Endin’ Minions
Take the top path at the crossroads and keep going until you see the ‘Do Not Push’ button. Press it.

Breaking Bad Eggs
Take the bottom path at the crossroads and keep going until you go into the room with the giant egg. You’ll play a quick mini game after this. I would just rapidly spam ‘A’ and move around with the arrow keys to dodge the attacks


AQWorlds Walkthrough: Friday the 13th 2012 feat. Andrew from Songstowearpantsto

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Gaining Trust

Fight Obsidian Golems, Fire Elementals and Volcanic Ash Imps to get the drops. Random monsters will have the items.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

Fight any monster in the area with ‘Fire’ in its name

Retrieving Recollections

Click on all of the pieces of paper



Under Orders

Fight Swamp Things for the pieces of paper

Locket Holds the Key

Fight Loup-Garou or Lava Bats for the drop

Plans Fit For a Key

Click on all of the arrows



Bound By Fire

Go to the town (/join firetown) and fight Volcanic Ash Imps or go inside and fight the ones inside the tunnel

Heart Of Fire

Go into the tunnel and click on all of the blue arrows

Spirit Of A Dragon

Fight a Elder Magma Wyrm in the tunnel


Beat Amira 2.0




Aura of Dragon’s Flame

/join Firetunnel and fight the Fire Wyrms

Spirit Of the Black Unicorn

Fight 5 Obsidian Golems, 5 Loup Garous, and 5 Fire Spirits.

Tie a Black Ribbon ‘Round an Old Burnt Tree

Fight a Burnt Tree in /join firetown

Well that’s all! Glad to see Andrew from Songstowearpantsto! You guys should check out some of his songs. They’re pretty awesome. And of course glad to see Voltaire. I’ll be adding links to the songs later… if I’m not lazy


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