AQW Walkthrough: ChronoSpan Part 6 – MQ Lesson

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MQLESSON (/join mqlesson)


Board the Ship to Your Future
Go into the blue rock thing and click on the blue arrow there


Heal the Chaos Lord
Talk to Warlic again after accepting this quest and click “Blast Off”. Just click around until you see a portal looking thing. Click on that and fight the Asteroid there. Do this four times

Shadowscythe Detection Beacons
Walk around the map and click on the blue arrows. After that, walk to the right a couple of screens to see Odessa.

Beam Beam2 Beam3


Test Potential Traitors
Fight students of the four different houses. After that, go back to Worsh’s ship


Defeat Training Globes
Fight Training Globes in the room

Take Flight into the Future
Go back to Odessa and fight students


Secrets of the Universe
Fight the Chaos Shadowscythe to get the Lecture Pages. After you’re done, go to the right two screens


Fight Chaos Shadowscythe again to get Glasses and Darkness Destroyed. After you’re done walk to the right one screen


The 3rd Proto-Chaos Beast
Fight the Dragonoid



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