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Swordhaven Part 1 – Rep Quests
Swordhaven Part 2 – Archives
Swordhaven Part 3 – Armory
Swordhaven Part 4 – Ceremony
Swordhaven Part 5 – Chaos Altar
Swordhaven Part 6 – Castle Roof (FINALE)




Chaos Not Invited
Get Stolen Invitations from any of the monsters in the area

Better Letter Go!
Go around and sent invitations at /join yulgar, /join swordhaven, and /join archives

/join yulgar

yulgar yulgar2

/join swordhaven

yulgar3 yulgar4 yulgar5

/join archives


Decor Rater
/join swordhaven and walk around to place balloons around the place

b b2 b3 b4 b5 b6

Cold Feet, Warm Heart
/join mafic and fight Living Fire to get a Burning Coal Brazier

Chaos STILL Not Invited
Fight any of the monsters to get Invader Ousted

Protect the Princesses
Go to the room at the end (where it forks)  and then go up and right. Collect all the chairs


Seal the Chapel
Fight any monsters to get Invader Defeated, and then click the front door to seal it


Chaos Kills!
Fight the Chaos Justicar



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