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Swordhaven Part 1 – Rep Quests
Swordhaven Part 2 – Archives
Swordhaven Part 3 – Armory
Swordhaven Part 4 – Ceremony
Swordhaven Part 5 – Chaos Altar
Swordhaven Part 6 – Castle Roof (FINALE)




Back to Jail With You!
Fight Chaorrupted Prisoners

We May Need a Militia
Fight Chaorrupted Prisoners for Weapon Recovered and click around to arm peasants. When you get to the market looking area, go down to find the other two peasants to arm

armory1 armory2 armory3 armory4

An Ounce of Protection
Go around and fight Chaos Drifters


Axe Them to Leave!
Slay more Chaorrupted Prisoners to get Sharp Axes

Freeze ‘Em Out!
Fight Chaos Mages to get Frozen Charms

Burn ‘Em Up!
Beat up Chaos Mages Flaming Charms

Under Siege
Play the mini game! Shouldn’t be too hard

No, NOW We’re Under Siege
Fight the Chaos General



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