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Swordhaven Part 1 – Rep Quests
Swordhaven Part 2 – Archives
Swordhaven Part 3 – Armory
Swordhaven Part 4 – Ceremony
Swordhaven Part 5 – Chaos Altar
Swordhaven Part 6 – Castle Roof (FINALE)




Bandit Bounty
Go to the right (there isn’t anything on the left screens) and fight Chaos Bandits

Thwarting the Spies
Fight Camouflaged Sp-Eyes to get Unpopped Eyeballs

Fight Chaos with Clerics
Fight Chaos Bandits for Clumps of Tentacles and fight Camouflaged Sp-eyes for Chaorrupted Humors

Locate the Source
Get Reeking Clues by fighting any monsters in the area.
To get the Dripping Clue, go to the room right of Denara and then keep going right


Plagued Rats
Go back to where you found the Dripping Clue and fight Chaos Rats. There are more inside the sewer area. Denara will be in the place where you found the Dripping Clue when you’re done with the quest.

Nope, Nope, Nope!
Go into the sewer area again and Chaos Spiders

Still More Research to be Done!
Get Vials of Ichor from Chaos Spiders and Intact Rat Brains from Chaos Rats

That’s One Big Sludgebeast.
Go all the way right inside the sewer area and fight the Sludgelord



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