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Rhubarb will ask you 20 questions which you have to answer.

What did pirates think about women on board ships?
They were bad luck

What do you call a pirate who has permission to loot hostile ships?

What’s a pirates favorite bird?

Why did pirates wear eyepatches?
To help see in the dark

What does it mean to “walk the plank”?
To walk off the side of the ship

What is a barker?
A pistol

What happens if you whistle on board a ship?
A thunderstorm will begin

To be a pirate is to…
Commit crimes at sea

What did pirates call a ship they took over?

How did pirates hold their pistols better?
Wrapping them with ribbons

What would pirates call empty bottles?
Dead men

“Hoist the colors” means to…
To raise the flag

The modern US dollar symbol ($) comes from symbols on what piece of pirate currency?
Pieces of eight

How did they spell pirate in the olden days?
It always changed; most people were illiterate

Who was a “powder monkey”?
Boy who put gunpowder in cannons

Why do pirates pierce their ears with gold and silver?
To help them see better

What was one of the most common shipboard diseases?

What is another name for the hangman?
Jack Ketch

What is the Jolly Roger?
A pirate flag

Where did the name “buccaneer” come from?
Because early pirates cooked on “buccans”



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