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Bloodtusk Part 1 – Rep
Bloodtusk Part 2 – Crossroads
Bloodtusk Part 3 – Ravine Temple
Bloodtusk Part 4 – Alliance
Bloodtusk Part 5 – Ancient Temple
Bloodtusk Part 6 – Ore Cavern
Bloodtusk Part 7 – Dream Nexus (FINALE)




Descent into Darkness/Wounds in Stones and Beasts
Go all the way into the back of the cave to find the unlit section of the cave

Out of the Darkness/Light in Underhome
Collect the light orbs in the cave. Defeat Crashrooms and Deathmoles

Shine a Light on Deception/Truth is its Own Light
Go all the way into the back room of the cave to place lights

Oops totally not spoilers

Oops totally not spoilers

Save Yourself, Save the Soldiers/Horcs Know Mercy
Run around and fight Chaorrupted Evil/Good soldiers around the area

Battle the Baas!
Go to the back of the cave and fight the Gruaige Baas


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