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Click on the lever once you’re close to it, and walk in

The Challenge Begins
Fight 5 Grim Soldiers. Go to the right side by the way.

Fight to Survive
Now fight 6 Grim Fighters

The Battle’s Heating Up
Now fight 10 Grim Fire Mages

There’s going to be a room with some coins. Yeah don’t go for the coins (they don’t do anything either).


After that room, you get to a room with a really small door. There should also be a ‘Highbiscus’ and two ‘Lowtus’. In order to fit through the door, you need to grow smaller. Fighting the Highbiscus will make you larger while fighting the Lowtus will make you smaller. Fight several Lotuses and then you should fit through the door.


A Close Shave
Fight 8 Grim Shelletons. If you try to exit from the room, you’ll ‘die’ and then return to the room again

Once you get to the next room, there are two giant gaping holes on each side, so try to avoid them and walk through the middle


Eye Spy a Victim
Fight 6 Flying Spyballs

In the next room- DON’T PULL THE LEVER. Like actually unless you want some nice soft squishy spikes to fall on you


And don’t forget the falling bridge!

Who DOESN'T want to live in this place!

Who DOESN’T want to live in this place!

In the room after that, you’re going to have to press some buttons in rapid succession. The fire that comes out of the walls won’t harm you by the way. After you finish pressing all the buttons, click on the princess lady on the side




Help Me!
Fight Princess Angler

Get Your Hands Dirty
Fight 10 Grim Ectomancers

A ROCKY Battle
Oh man this is so punny ITS ROCKING MY WORLD OH MAN but anyway, fight the Fallen Emperor and Fallen Light Statues until you get the key. Also if you click the second statue you can get to the bridge- walking across it 100 times will give you a badge!

So close... yet so far...

So close… yet so far…

This time around, fight the Highbiscuses until you can reach the button. Click the button once you can, and walk through the door. The button on the left is for RESETTING YOUR SIZE- YOU WANT THE ONE ON THE TOP RIGHT


Soul-d on Defeat
Fight Grim Souldiers until you get 50 Grim Souls- they drop more than 1 sometimes

In the next room, pull the lever on the left- aka the one that says ‘Do Not Pull’


Take this path in the next room (man its annoying finding those holes)


The Key to Help Me
Fight Grim Shelletons until you get the Princess Key. Also, if you click on the candle on the right twice, you’ll get a trap door. It may not let you go down until you have the key.


Once you’re there you’ll get to a bridge- the same one as the one in A Rocky Battle. Walk across it 100 times and BAM- you get a badge!

Help Me Again!
Defeat the Angler again and then pull the chain


More falling into holes…


Overheated Hero
Fight 5 Grim Fire Mages

This time around, you want to fight Highbiscus until you can reach the button, click it, and then fight the Lowtuses until you can fit through the door


The next room has a lot of buttons and levers. All the chains will release spikes onto you, as well as the levers AND those two buttons! Basically press every single button until this little dude comes out of hiding



The Blade-Breaker
Fight 3 Grim Lichs (so you could fight all of them if you want)

Anti-Magic Warrior
Fight Grim Fighters- note that they actually aren’t ‘anti-magic’.

Elemental Destroyer
Fight 3 Grim Ectomancers

The Unkillable
Fight 3 Grim Shelletons

Key to Victory
Fight Fallen Light and Fallen Emperor Statues until you get Raxgore’s Key

I Command You, Help Me!
Fight the Ghost King Angler. Gosh what is UP with these things

Once you’re done you’ll unlock the store. Then there’s several things you can do from here on out. Also watch your step- there’s another hole there for kicks and giggles.


Now if you exit the store on the side and you’ve finished walking the bridge, go down the stairs…


If you go down the stairs, you get to some fancy place where you can get drops for the store and complete certain quests.


Grim Underdungeon I
Fight 8 Grimmer Soldiers

Grim Underdungeon II
Fight Grimmer Fighters

Grim Underdungeon III
Fight 13 Grimmer Lichs

Grim Underdungeon IV
Fight Weeping Spyballs

Grim Underdungeon V
Fight Grimmer Ectomancers



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