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J6 Saga – Unlocking the Hyperium
J6 Saga – Data Disk 6
J6 Saga – Data Disk 5
J6 Saga – Data Disk 4
J6 Saga – Data Disk 3
J6 Saga – Data Disk 1, Data Disk 2, and Prologue (FINALE)

Complete in order of, Unlocking Hyperium, and then the Datadisk quests backwards in number (aka the way I have placed them)



Go to the floor with HAL on it and accept Mission 6- /join xantown and fight any monster in the area
/join timevoid and walk up to the snake head and click the eye to get Datadisk 3



Fuel for Flight
/join Sandsea and fight Creepers for Cactus Creeper Oil
/join Farm and fight Scarecrows for Scarecrow Canola Oil
/join Cloister and fight Acornets for Acornet Oil
Go to Moon Yard B (through Datadisk 5 place) and then fight Robo Dogs for the Robo Dog Oil.

Food For Flight
/join Arcangrove and fight Gorillaphants
/join Mythsong and fight Tune-a-Fish
/join Giant and fight Red Ants
/join Earthstorm and fight Amethites

Vomit Comet
/join Guru and fight Trobbles
/join yokaigrave and fight Neko Matta
/join bamboo and fight Tanuki.
For the mop, /join yulgar, go to the right, and click on the kid. There should be a cutscene. Go back to Yulgar and go to his weapon shop (when you talk to him) and buy the mop from him

Sweet Dreams For a Sweet Flight
/join thespan and talk to Warlic and buy the comfy pillow from him


Go to the Vertical Transport Unit and click on the second floor, then after that, on the third floor. Then after playing the game, go back to J6.




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  1. You don’t have to defeat Xan for the flare artifact. A fire imp will do.

    • True. Just fight any monsters in Xantown. That’s how I got my flame artifact the easy way!

      • Ah alright thanks man!


  3. me ayudan bastante gracias

  4. where is amathites?

    • they’re in earth storm

  5. this post is wrong, to get acornet oil for “Feul for flight” quest u need to kill acornent in The Cloister not Fish-a-tuna

    • Hm? No I think I got it right…?

      • ok

  6. how to insert tha datadisk??]

  7. fuq i shot j6 and i have to restart all over again dammit

  8. Thank you, you helped me a lot!!
    I managed to complete all Quests .

  9. i cant insert datadisk 3 i have inserted 6 5 and 4 help!

    • I think you have to complete more missions. Or you have to go to j6 on hyperium and talk to him. He asks is you are staying or going with him. press the one that indicates that you’re going with him then he will give you quests. I hope this helped 🙂

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