AQW Walkthrough: ChronoSpan Part 8 – The Watch Tower

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ChronoSpan Part 1  – The Span
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ChronoSpan Part 5   DF Portal Lesson
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ChronoSpan Part 7 – Deep Chaos
ChronoSpan Part 8 – The Watch Tower




Chaos Investigation
Fight 3 Chaorrupted Wolves and another 3 Chaorrupted Gorillaphants. Pick up the pieces of armor around the place



Hunt for Answers
Fight 5 Chaos Spiders and fight boxes

Decryption Hunt
Fight 6 Chaorrupted Knights and collect the decryption key (there’s one book in the previous room



Prisoner Breakout
Fight 10 Chaorrupted Followers

Hidden Secrets
Defeat the Chaos Gorillaphant and click around on the arrows multiple times


Mage Mystery
Fight 15 Sp-Eyes and click on the Chaos Crystals (there’s one on the bottom floor)



Memorial Statue Remains
Fight 7 Chaorrupted Knights

Activate Teleport Rune
Fight Chaorrupted Good Soldiers until you get what you need and then go down a floor and click on the blue orb on the floor below


Chaos Knight Attacks
Defeat the Chaos Knight



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