AQW Walkthrough: Frostval Part 11 – Frost Deep

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Frostval Part 11 – Frost Deep
Frostval Part 12 – Ice Rise Keep




Heart of Ice
Fight Polar Golems for Frozen Snowballs, and Polar Elementals for Glacier Cores

Absolute Zero Success
Fight Polar Golems for Diamond Snowflakes, Polar Elementals for Frozen Hearts, and Temple Prowlers for IceHeart Amulets

Dirty Secret
Get the Frozen Fangs from Temple Prowlers and the Dirty Claws from Polar Moles

Frozen Venom
Fight Polar Wyrms for Wyrm Scales and Polar Spiders for Ice Spines

Rune-ing His Plans
Fight the Ancient Golem multiple times

Deadly Beauty
For the Crystal Snowflake and Frozen Breath, they are dropped by Polar Golems. As for the Crystalline Spines, they drop from Polar Elementals. After you finish the quest, you can walk across the chasm

Cold-Hearted Trophies
To get Frozen Tails and Frozen Fangs, fight Temple Prowlers. To get Frosty Snouts, fight Polar Moles

Warmth in the Cold
Defeat Temple Maggots for Maggot Spit and defeat Temple Spiders for Spider Meat

Icy Prizes
Get Ice Whips from Temple Prowlers and Poisoned Fangs from Temple Maggots

Fading Magic
Fight more Ancient Golems

FrostDeep Dwellers
To get Frigid Fur Pelts and Frost Lion Tails, fight Polar Moles. To get the Vestigial Wrym Toes, fight the Polarwyrm Riders

A Breather
Frozen Tears are dropped by Polar Mole, Lion Haunches are dropped by Temple Spiders, and Frozen Venom is dropped by Polar Spiders

Raiders from FrostDeep
Deadly Defroster is dropped from Polar Draconians and you can get Larvae Silk from Temple Maggots

8 Legged Frost Freaks
Fight Polar and Temple Spiders here

Freezing the Stone
Fight Ancient Golems

Can You Feel the Chill Tonight?
Fight Elementals and Prowlers

Shrouded in Ice
Defeat Ancient Maggots here

Hard Fight for a Cold Truth
Fight Ancient Prowlers

Sand and Shardin’ Bones
Another one of those quests. Fight Ancient Moles

Older and Colder
Dried Blood is dropped by the Moles, Wyrm Dirt from Ancient Prowlers, and Dust Mites from Ancient Maggots

Rays of Hope
Fight any 10 monsters in the area

The Sword of Hope
Fight the Ancient Terror



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