AQW Walkthrough: Frostval Part 10 – Snowy Vale

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Frostval Part 1 – Snow Path
Frostval Part 2 – Ice Cave
Frostval Part 3 – Major Moglin (Pt. 1)

Frostval Part 4 – Toy Factory
Frostval Part 5 – Major Moglin (Pt. 2)
Frostval Part 6 – Snow Globe

Frostval Part 7 – Golden Ruins
Frostval Part 8 – Alpine
Frostval Part 9 – Ice Volcano
Frostval Part 10 – Snowy Vale
Frostval Part 11 – Frost Deep
Frostval Part 12 – Ice Rise Keep



Locate Kezeroth
Just walk around the place until you complete the quest (different places that is, don’t just walk between two screens)

Chronoton Detection
Fight 10 Polar Golems

Core Knowledge
Walk around and click on the random tubes of stuff







Temporal Revelation
Walk around testing the places until you find theĀ entrance. It should be here as shown:


Before the Darkest Hour
Go back to the place and enter it now


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