AQW Walkthrough: Mogloween feat. One Eyed Doll 2012

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MENTAL ASYLUM (/join Asylum)


Reflect Upon the Situation
Fight Insane Ghouls

Escape the Insanity!
Walk around until you find the fire exit paper

Smoke in Mirrors
Walk around and mark some mirrors

Shot in the Dark
Fight Syringe Sirens and Insane Ghouls for pieces of the map

Cyser-Oh Where Art Thou?
Walk around until you find a room and a cutscene should start automatically



Tricks Trail Trackin’
Walk around and pick up stuff

Cultivate Answers
Fight Scorpion Cultists

One Found Doll
Walk all the way to the right and then go through the last door


The Key to Save Kimberly
Defeat more Scorpion Cultists until you get the key

Right Tools for the Job
Walk around and click on the surgical tools lying around

Pick the Lock
Drag the two bars around to try and get the lock to unlock. It should be around 7:55 or so

Destroy De’Sawed
Go to the door all the way on the left side and enter and fight the boss

Demolish De’Sawed FOR REAL
Fight the ‘real’ Dr. De’sawed



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