AQW Walkthrough: Quibble Talk Like a Pirate Day 2013

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Aye for an Aye
The Harnessed Cat’s Eye is a STAFF. You have to buy it as it’s not a drop. After /join Swordhaven, walk to the right one screen and talk to the guy there. Click on the first ‘Shop’ button and you can buy the Harnessed Cat’s Eye for 750 gold.
For Chaos Sp-eye Eyeballs are dropped by Chaos Sp-eye in Mobius.
Speyeder Eyeballs are dropped by Speyeders which can be found in Willowmist.

Skull and Crossed Bones
Bone dust can be gotten at the Graveyard by fighting any of the monsters there. The Skullface Mace can be bought at Lightguard which also requires you to be rank 2 in Doomwood

Off the Hook!
Hook Swords are dropped by Nopperabos which can be found at Hachiko, Kitsune, Yokai Graveyard and Yokai War. Fishin’ Hooks are bought at the fishing area in Greenguard. You need to be rank 6 in fishing and trade in 10,250 gold and 60 fishing chips for it



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