AQW Walkthrough: ChronoSpan Part 3 – Time Void

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ChronoSpan Part 3 – Time Void
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ChronoSpan Part 8 – The Watch Tower




Trust is Not Ephemeral
Fight 9 Ephemerites around the area

In a Split Exasecond
Exaglasses and Fairy Plasma drop from Time Travel Fairies. Fallen Fairy Wings are on the ground around the snake.

Time to Prove Yourself
Pre-Solar Scales are spread out around the snake. Fairy Plasma drops from Time Travel Fairies and Ephemeral Dust drops from Ephemerites.

Fill the Empty Hours
Powdered Fairy Wings drop from Time-Travel Fairies and Void Phoenixes will drop Dried Phoenix Tears.

Clock of the Long Now
Go around the snake and click on the objects. Fight Time-Travel Fairies for Fairy Plasma and fight Ephemerite for Ephemeral Dust.

Fill the Empty Hours
Fight Time-Travelling Fairies for Powdered Fairy Wings and Void Phoenixes for Dried Phoenix Tears

Clock of the Long Now
Walk around the snake and click on the 4 hourglasses so that they’re turned over

Unending Avatar
Go into the snake’s mouth and fight the boss




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  1. thx alot. it really hepled

    • No problem

  2. Hey can you give the pictures?

    • Uhhhh sssure I’ll do that later

  3. sooo after i done the quest whit the avatar im kinda stuck i cant get any new quests and not move on to next zone

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