AQW Walkthrough: ChronoSpan Part 2 – Time Library

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ChronoSpan Part 1  – The Span
ChronoSpan Part 2 – Time Library
ChronoSpan Part 3 – Time Void
ChronoSpan Part 4 – AQ Portal Lesson
ChronoSpan Part 5   DF Portal Lesson
ChronoSpan Part 6 – MQ Portal Lesson
ChronoSpan Part 7 – Deep Chaos
ChronoSpan Part 8 – The Watch Tower


TIME LIBRARY (/join timelibrary)


Time to Learn the Truth
/Join thespan again and talk to all the people around the area including those in buildings

Gain Access to Doors
Fight a Sneak, a Tog and a Shadowscythe

Adventures and Quests
Fight Sneaks and Ghost Moglins in this quest and pick up the red shards in the third door when you go up one screen from Warlic

A Fable of Dragons
Go to the second door when you go up a screen. Fight ninjas and togs and then pick up the two claws on the ground

Mechas and Quests
Fight Shadowscythe Pilots or Training Globes. Go to the left two screens and into the door and click on the mirror in the room

After the Chaos
Join the room with the princess and crumbled building and move one screen to the right and fight the knights. You have to fight two of the lower HP knights and then two of the ones with higher HP. It doesn’t matter if you fight the ones in the first room or second room.




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  1. [FIRST xD]Thank so much, good work people’s

    • No problem!

  2. Dude, wheres the other stuff after the quetsine.

    • After the the last quest, that’s it until next week u v u Kinda short

  3. but i like your work lol

    • Aww thanks!

  4. Awesome This Helped Me Loads

    • Glad it helped! U:

  5. I’m already done =) NEXT??

  6. next is void….

  7. i got the quests done but what do i do in the king alteon’s throne room in timelibrary, he tell’s me to go in there with no quests and i dont know what to do so this isnt helping me one bit

    • Ummm… So what part have you worked up to?

  8. ?

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