AQW Walkthrough: Battleunder

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Xan Saga Part 1 – Volcano
Xan Saga Part 2 – Town
Xan Saga Part 3 – Cave (FINALE)
Xan Saga ‘Part 4′ – Battleunder




Key of Life
Fight random monsters in the area to get Glowing Wood Fragments

Key of Dreams
Shining Crystal Fragments are dropped by random monsters as well

Key of Thought
Once again, another quest where items are dropped by all monsters

Key of the Void
For this quest, go down several screens until you find the Undead Champion. You’ll have to fight him to get your drop.

The Portal Puzzle
Trace over the white lines that they give you using your mouse (click on the door to activate the puzzle)



Best Fiends Forever
Fight any of the Crystallized Undead to get the drops

Crystal Encores
Fight any of the Crystal monsters to get what you need

Fishin’ For Jellies
Walk to the bottom of the cave and fight the Crystallized Jellyfish

Soul Searching
You’ll have to fight several enemies. To make it simpler, go down and fight the Crystallized Jellyfish again, /join battleunderb and fight the Undead Champion again, and then /join battleundera and fight the Bone Terror.

Battleunderd is for members only



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