AQW Walkthrough: ChronoSpan Part 1 – The Span

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ChronoSpan Part 1  – The Span
ChronoSpan Part 2 – Time Library
ChronoSpan Part 3 – Time Void
ChronoSpan Part 4 – AQ Portal Lesson
ChronoSpan Part 5   DF Portal Lesson
ChronoSpan Part 6 – MQ Portal Lesson
ChronoSpan Part 7 – Deep Chaos




You Don’t Want to Know…
Get Tears from the Minx Fairy, Tog Goals from Togs, Pilot Hopes from ShadowScythe Pilots, Sneak Ambitions from Sneaks, and Ghost Dreams from Moglin Ghosts.


Temporal Translation Tome
Get the Minx Fairy Wings from Minx Fairies, Moglin Ghost Breaths from Moglin Ghosts, and talons from the ShadowScythe Pilots.

Gen Ed Generator
Get Rotator Motor Oil from Training Globes, Sneak Oil from the ground (I have extra photos here because I accepted two quests that need the oil), and the Pilot Heart from a ShadowScythe Pilot

Speak to the Blue Mage
Find Warlic (in Battleon) and talk to him


Cogs and Gears
Broken Globes are on the ground, Sneak Oil (images in ‘Gen Ed Generator Quest’) is clicked on, and cogs are from the Training Globes.

Target Practice
Fight 10 ShadowScythe Pilots


Do the ‘Do
Fight Minx Fairies, Togs and Training Globes

Business is BOOMing
Get Fairy Fluff from Minx Fairies, Sneak Spit Nitro from Sneaks, and Sceptre Petre from Moglin Ghosts.




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  1. thx

    • Yep no problem

  2. when i talk to warlic it says the thing about arriving in greanguard forest but with no buttons and i am doing the quest to talk to him. why?

    • You’re just supposed to accept the quest, go to the Warlic in Battleon Town, and then just click the exclamation mark above his head.
      So you should be doing it right- there should have been a ‘quest complete’ thing in yellow that popped up

      • it dose but he dosent give me any quests. know why?

      • The Warlic in Battleon isn’t supposed to give you a quest- you just click the exclamation mark and that’s it

      • question
        can u answer?

      • What

  3. uhm how to rank up fast in The Span Without Using Rep Boost?

    • Um. I don’t really know. Waiting for quests would be sufficient.

  4. thanks a lot

    • No problem

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