AQW Walkthrough: J6 – DATADISK 6 – ZEPHRYUS

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J6 Saga – Unlocking the Hyperium
J6 Saga – Data Disk 6
J6 Saga – Data Disk 5
J6 Saga – Data Disk 4
J6 Saga – Data Disk 3
J6 Saga – Data Disk 1, Data Disk 2, and Prologue (FINALE)

Complete in order of, Unlocking Hyperium, and then the Datadisk quests backwards in number (aka the way I have placed them)



Go down a screen and keep going right until you see an old man that looks like he’s driving the train and a star captain with an exclamation point above her head. Click the old man’s belt and keep going left.

QUESTS (Note- NPCs don’t always give you quests)

Watch Out (Lizard Man -> Car 3)

Fight Vulture Men.

Requesting a Request (Woman -> Car 4)

Fight Vulture Men? Of course not! Go to the blonde man in car 1 and click his belt.

Fancied Feather (Woman -> Car 5)

Fight Vulture Men

Beards Rule! (Man with Beard -> Car 6)

Fight Vulture Men

Two Eyes (Lizard Man -> Car 6)

Fight Vulture Men

Lending a Helping Hankerchief  (Lizard Man -> Car 3)

Go to the 17th car and click the giant tissue covering the screen. LOL JUST JOKING. Fight Vulture Men of course.

Extra Shop: Once you’re in the engine room, there’s a dude in a suit. Click the white button on it to get access to magical shop.

Now click the furnace. Pull the hinge up and out of the door (by the way, I just felt like making the arrow fancy). I probably have different numbers cause I mashed stuff, but the numbers don’t matter. Just pull the thing out.

Now click the floating crystallized dragon breath and proceed to click the other thingy.

Now turn the knob to the right (yeah more fancy arrows cause I’m bored and I think they’re cool xD)

And now just keep going left till you see J6’s ship.




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