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J6 Saga – Unlocking the Hyperium
J6 Saga – Data Disk 6
J6 Saga – Data Disk 5
J6 Saga – Data Disk 4
J6 Saga – Data Disk 3
J6 Saga – Data Disk 1, Data Disk 2, and Prologue (FINALE)

Complete in order of, Unlocking Hyperium, and then the Datadisk quests backwards in number (aka the way I have placed them)


SEWER (Getting Datadisk 4)

/Join Sewer and walk all the way to the right. Fight Grumble. He’ll drop a red eyeball- it’s a drop for Jirago’s quest.

At the same time a disk should appear on the side. If you don’t see it, defeat the Frogzard. Pick the disk up. This is Datadisk 4 and you’ll need it.


Go to the second floor and click on the board and click the ‘Disk 4’ quest


You’ll have to play a game before you move on. To play it you have to click on certain areas of your enemy in order to hit him. J6’s eyes will turn red if you’re hovering over the right place.
Click on the first guys chest/abdomen/belt area

The second the crotch/belt area

The third the head

The Black Ranger’s weakness is his knee- the knee that isn’t colored that is (I was a cool ranger… until I took a laser to the knee?)

The Red Ranger has the weakness in his belt buckle middle. It’s not the actual belt. Just the circle thing.

As for the giant foot I believe its weakness is the first (the bottom one) toe

If you complete this mini-game (after you complete everything that is, you can replay this by talking to HAL and clicking ‘Rangers’) again, you can unlock a bonus shop

Next, continue by fighting all the enemies in each room to continue.

When cutting the wire, cut the blue one on the top (the second blue wire). The shadow is on the left side when it should be on the right. It doesn’t have to do with the color pattern (red, blue, green)

Meanwhile in the shooting game when J6 has to blast off, click near the bottom so that is arm is at an angle like this

And that’s pretty much it. You’ll receive the clue for Auxiliary Disk 3. You have also unlocked several items you can now buy in J6’s shop back at Hyperium.
There’s also a bonus shop for the area as well if you play through ‘Rangers’ in Banzai if you talk to HAL.


JIRAGO (Click on the shop emblem in Banzai)

Secondary Mission
/Join sewer and fight Grumble to get the Red Eyeball




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  1. Yeah same here but, is it an issue or a puzzle?

    • I believe that this is a glitch and they’re fixing it right now. In the meantime I have to update it later as I have to eat dinner.
      Check out Cysero’s Twitter, he might have said that he’s fixing it.
      Apparently everyone’s having this issue. Just wait for the fix.

  2. Doesn’t Stilll Woooooooooooooooorrrrrrrrk

    • If you’re not getting the datadisk, that’s most likely because you haven’t completed the quests that HAL gives.

      • um… Who’s HAL?

      • First of all you have to unlock the Hyperium. It’s all explained there.
        But if you don’t want to flip through all of that, just go through the unlocking the place first. After doing that, you have to go the elevator and click the bottom most button. That will let you go to HAL. Click on the screen with HAL on it (it’s just a black circle with a red light) and then just finish those missions.

        I have a more extensive explanation/walkthrough of how to get/complete HAL’s quests in the link I gave above.

  3. Thx for the help Phantom

    • Yep no problem man

  4. How come when i click on the data disk, nothing happens?

    • You probably haven’t completed all of HAL’s quests

  5. I can’t pick up Data Disk 4. I’ve unlocked everything but when I kill the monsters in the sewer and pick up the disk, nothing happens. When I leave that area and re enter it’s back and I pick it up and it doesn’t say I picked it up.HELP!!!

    • Are you sure you finished all of HAL’s quests? You have to complete HAL’s quests as well as actually get into the Hyperium. HAL is located in the Hyperium basement- that black circle with a red light in the middle

  6. Yeah, I finished all his missions when ever I go there are no missions. Also when I goto the VR Room there are 2 boxes that are green which are the last 2.

  7. Never mind im in banzai now. THANKS!

    • Oh no problem man ;3;

  8. dude same problem here

    • I’m pretty sure you didn’t complete all the missions or something or one of the previous datadisks

  9. i didnt get a auxillery clue 3 for doing banzai quest can i get it now cause i cant redo the quest

    • Uh… I’m… not really sure I’ll get back to you on that ina bit

  10. nice blog.. it is very helpful for AQW players

  11. Why thank you I appreciate the comment

  12. H.A.L says there are no more missions at this point
    P.S. Nice blog

    • Yes- there’s only supposed to be 3 missions I believe. The datadisk quests can only be accessed by one of the rooms in the Hyperium

  13. pq eu num consigo acertar o lugar certo no finalzinho da missao de banzai quando ele ta voando no espaço?eu aperto certo mas ele bate na nave e vou para o espaço pq?

    • Eu não falo Português (Eu estou supondo que é o que você está falando?), Então eu vou ter que usar o Google Translate, desculpe por qualquer erro de gramática. Eu realmente não estou certo de como ajudar? Mas se ele está perdendo o navio que eu estou supondo que você está apontando muito alta e se você continuar batendo o navio que você está buscando muito baixo.

  14. Okay Its black Friday or the day after And I cannot pickup the datadisk And when I go to hal there are no missons available?

  15. Why no auxiliary disk !

  16. Wow brilliant walk through! The best I have ever seen as it is simple and easy to follow with images:)

    • Oh wow thank you! I appreciate the fact that you like it! 😀

  17. When i did Bonzai Planet i finish it all but then when i was on the part when you had to shoot yourself to the ship my computer crashed and i cant redo it so i cant get Datadisk 3… im sooo confused, is their anyway to like redo it or something

    • You can get disk 3 from clicking on the serpent paths big green eyeball in /join timevoid

  18. umm… dude i have a problem here.. u see when i’m the LOSER mini-game i can’t defeat the red one coz’ i can’t click the circle of the belt(weakness) so i can’t really finish it.. and is it necessary to finish the mini-game?

    • Yeah I’m pretty sure that you need to click it- keep trying! 😀 I’m sure you can do it u v u

  19. thanks for the tips and helps

    • You’re welcome!

      • I have now left AQW with all my 19 accs, I have bought ACs but now I aint using them anymore…….

  20. Great walkthrough, you just saved me about three hours!

  21. where is jirago

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