AQW Walkthrough: Xan Saga Finale – The Cave

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Xan Saga Part 1 – Volcano
Xan Saga Part 2 – Town
Xan Saga Part 3 – Cave (FINALE)
Xan Saga ‘Part 4’ – Battleunder




Locate the Sealed Library
Keep walking until you meet the crossroads. Take the path on the right side.

A Powered Library Lock
Fight any 10 monsters to get the Shurpu Gems

Luminate the Library Lock
There are four gems on the left side of the wall of the library door. Click the fourth gem, the first gem, the fourth gem again and then click the second gem. Now go into the library to find Warlic.

Defend the Library!
Defeat 15 monsters. They don’t have to be in front of the library.

Crossing Over
Get Fire Salts and Fire Wire from any of the monsters. Collect the 8 boards. Note that there is a screen on the bottom of the left one- just in case you miss it.

Guardian of Shurpu
Take the path of the left and continue across the bridge until you find the Shurpu Ring Guardian. Fight him.

Face Xan
Go to the room where the Shurpu Ring Guardian is and go to the right one screen.


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