AQW Walkthrough: Doomwood Part 10 – Zombies

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Doomwood Part 1 – Doomwood Forest
Doomwood Part 2 – Chopping Maul
Doomwood Part 3 – Tower of Necromancy
Doomwood Part 4 – Necromancer University
Doomwood Part 5 – Temple of Doomwood
Doomwood Part 6 – Lab/Mountain
Doomwood Part 7 – ‘Finale’
Doomwood Part 8 – ‘Doomwood Part 2′ Necropolis Dungeon
Doomwood Part 9 – Necrocavern
Doomwood Part 10 – Zombies
Doomwood Part 11 – Zombies Finale




Re-Dead Assault
Kill 10 Skeletal Soldiers

Skull Crusher Mountain
Fight 8 Skeletal Ice Mages

Re-Dead Giant
Head up two screens and fight the Undead Giant. After finishing the quest, head up three screens from Artix, across the bridge and into the castle


Convince the Knights
Walk around the castle and click on the knights with ‘!’s above their heads

Once More the Defender
Defeat 12 skeletal undead monsters. After doing that, head up two screens from Robina to the throne room

Anddd then there will be a war.




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  1. I cant unlock the doomhaven only War is there. How to unlock?

    • Maybe do the quest?I have and it works for me.

  2. how to get there..?

    • /join doomhaven

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