AQWorlds Walkthrough: Easter 2012 Vorpal Bunny Quests

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Look around for these bunnies and click them for quests.

Make sure that you’re not clicking on bunnies on the back- those don’t give quests.

Berzerker Bunny Helm – Wooden Egg
/Join Farm and walk to the end of the farm. There’s a treeant there. Fight it to get the Wooden Egg which has a 3% drop chance- the highest of any egg drop rate.

 Transforming Bunny Spear – Egg Shell
/Join Boxes and walk to the right one screen and fight Grizzlespit. The Egg Shell has a 2% chance of dropping.

Bunny Berzerker Armor – Were Egg
For this one you have to /Join Willow. Unfortunately, you have have finished the whole Willow story line. If you haven’t you’ll have to finish that first. I have a walkthrough for Willow Creek here. The Were Egg has a 1% chance of dropping.

Bunny on Your Back – Quacked Egg
/Join Orctown and fight General Porkon. The drop rate for the Quacked Egg is also rather low- it has 1% or 2% chance of drop.




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  1. thk u tht helped ur the best 🙂 XD :O

    • No problem~

  2. everyone this is where i found out!- hotdude231

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