AQWorld’s Walkthrough: Alina’s Tale (2011+2012)

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Assassination Attempt



Hard Water
Fight Amethyst Golems to get Stone Reagents

Raising the Stakes
Walk around and click on the dandelion puffs. After quest completion, go inside the manor (From Alina’s screen: Up, right, up, up, up)


Stop! Potion Time.
Go outside the manor and fight the Frigid Frogdrakes for their horns. To get the Clock Weights, go right a screen from where Alina is and click the weights in the grandfather clock

Inscrutable Motivation
Click on the empty bottles around the area. After finishing the quest and turning it in, go up a screen to Raoul and click on him.

The potion above is in the room one screen up from Alina’s quest screen

Paradise is Not So Nice
Fight the Bird of Paradise

For Love of Good… And Evil



Poison Creation
Get Toxic Gallstones from the Marsh Lurkers. Click on arrows to get everything else. Get Traitor’s Sweat by fighting Traitor Knights.

Vegetal Decay
Click on Alina’s ‘!’ bubble again and click on a tree to kill it. You have to repeat this process multiple times to kill the trees.

Taking the right side path will result in these trees and the hideout after continuing across the path

Taking the left path will result in these trees

Recycle, Rebuild, Rescue
Fight Traitor Knights for nails, Treeants for vines and go to the left path and click on the end for wood and return to the end of the middle path and click on the house to build it. You’ll have to do this multiple times.

Corrosive Philtre
You should have some Combustible Krilos Moss from the previous quests- if not go back and finish a quest that gives the moss as a reward. There should be random buckets of rainwater everywhere. Click on those- they should all be on the middle path. Fight Burning Loyalists as well- they only have 1 HP

Loyalty Rewarded, Wounds Salved
Fight more Burning Loyalists

Storm the Fort
Fight Traitorous Knights and go to the right all the way on the path and click on the gate. Keep clicking until the quest completes

Termination Tonic
Fight Traitorous Knights again. The other ingredients should be rewards from previous quests from Alina WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BUBBLING BREW. You’ll have to get the Bubbling Brew from the gate. Take the left path to the end, go through the gate and right a screen and click on the pot.

Burn ALL the Things!
Click on the arrows to place the tonic and fight Xavier (he’s at the end of the gate area). Sorry about a fire on one of the pictures- I forgot to take a picture. Also, cookie if you get the reference of the quest name.

Anddd I wish Rolith and Alina a happy marriage.



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