AQWorlds Walkthrough: Xan Saga Part 2 – Town

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Xan Saga Part 2 – Town
Xan Saga Part 3 – Cave (FINALE)
Xan Saga ‘Part 4’ – Battleunder




A Town Divided
Walk all the way to right and walk to the mill- It’ll be locked though

The Miller’s Key
Fight monsters until you get the miller’s key and then walk to the mill. Attempt to walk to the children


Kill 12 of the monsters in the area

Fire Brigade for One
Fight monsters until you get the bucket

Fire Control
There’s a well on one of the screens and for every fire, you have to go to the well and click it in order to douse the fire. Basically, go to the well, click it, click the fire and repeat 3 times in order to get rid of the fire. All 4 fires are in the town

Andesi’s Family Pendant
Exit the mill and go left a screen and into the door with the 26 over it. Click on all the arrows in the room and proceed to the next room and do the same. The pendant will be in the last arrow you click.


Signed, Seared, Delivered
You’ll complete the quest once you accept it, but you’ll have to go outside the mill and go all the way left back to Scoria to turn in the quest.


The Plan With Xan
You’re going to have to walk right until you see the well again. Xan will be there, so go ahead and defeat him.

Sorry for the lack of pictures- I was busy so I couldn’t take any



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