AQWorlds Walkthrough: Etherstorm Part Four – Earthstorm

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Call From Deep Within
Fight elementals to get the drops

Chrysalis of Flame
Go right one screen and then up a screen. There should be a whole bunch of crystals and four pathways. You must find and fight Sapphire Golems to get Aqua Libertas (the second room which is blue), Crystalized Living Fires to get Shattered Heat, and click on the small coals to get the coals (in the first room which is red)… xD

Glittering Secrets of Old
Fight Crystalized Jellyfish for Water Shell Matrix Decoders (the blue, second room) and click on the arrows, and then fight the Diamond Golems for Diamond Crystalcutters (the grey third room).

Aria of Great Significance
Kill 8 Shard Spinners in the Grey/3rd Room,  collect the crystal strikers on the ground, in the fourth/green room fight Emerald Golems for Greenglass Bells, then you have to play the song in the 3rd room.

Rekindling a Pomegranate
Fight Ruby Golems in the 1st/Red room

Legendary Crystal Skulls
Fight Amethites in the 4th/Green room. The drop rate is rather low and you’ll have to fight 20-30 of them

Return of the Crystal Beauty
Go and fight the boss

Etherstorm Part 1 – Firestorm
Etherstorm Part 2 – Airstorm
Etherstorm Part 3 – Waterstorm
Etherstorm Part 4 – Earthstorm  (You Are Here)



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  1. sooo easy. Ty ❤

  2. thanks a lot!!!! ive finished the whole etherstorm using this guide

    • Yep no problem

  3. cool but is there anything after earth storm and i already checked etherwardes and dragonplane but there were no quests and in dragon plane it says memebrs only

  4. Thanks!

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