AQWorlds Walkthrough: Etherstorm Part Three – Waterstorm

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So, Something Washed Up on the Beach…
Continue to walk to the right until you see a tentacle with an exclamation mark. Click on it. Now go up a screen and there should be a vortex.

Dilution Solution
Kill 12 Marsh Lurkers

A Frogdrake’s Love Story
Walk around and click on all of the fire looking objects with arrows above them. For some reason there are 14 of them even though you only need 13.

A Little Bit of Bubbly Never Hurt
Click on all of the bubbles in the screen shots below. Fight Living Waters to get the other items.

Flight of the Fishwings
Fight Fishwings

Hunt For the Greater Good
Fight Fishermen Soldiers for the trident, Marsh Lurkers for the totem, Frogdrakes for the horn and click on the arrows

Kill the Deep Dweller
Kill the Deep Dweller. Not that hard. XD

Etherstorm Part 1 – Firestorm
Etherstorm Part 2 – Airstorm
Etherstorm Part 3 – Waterstorm (You Are Here)
Etherstorm Part 4 – Earthstorm 



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