AQWorlds Walkthrough: Etherstorm Part Two – Airstorm

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A Fresh Breath of Life
Fight Wind Elementals and Living Air monsters

Where Air You?
Keep going right until you see the blue arrow and keep clicking until there is a gold arrow pointing into a hole

Invading Your (Sacred) Space
Go into the hole you dug and click on the arrows

There’s Magic Every-Air
Go into the hole again and fight crystals

Dragon’s Fire Blossom to be Found
Go to Firestorm and fight Sulfur Imps and click on the blue arrows with flowers

The Space Between
Go right many screens where you will find the boss tornado.

The Burning Question
/join firesstorm and talk to Hs’Sakar


Lighting Up the Night
Go into the cave/hole and fight Lightning Balls


We Didn’t Start The Fire
Join Firestorm and fight Sulfur Imps

Pay Homage to a Foreign God
Go down the hole/cave in the area and fight Lightning Balls at the end of the area

Etherstorm Part 1 – Firestorm
Etherstorm Part 2 – Airstorm (You Are Here)
Etherstorm Part 3 – Waterstorm
Etherstorm Part 4 – Earthstorm 



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