AQWorlds Walkthrough: Etherstorm Part One – Firestorm

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Something Smells Rotten in Etherstorm

Fight the Sulfur Imps to get what you need

Play With Fire

Fight Living Fires

Set Me on Fire

Click on all of the blue arrows

Walk Through Fire

Go up a screen, To the right and continue going to the right until you get to a place with two arrows. Go to the arrow on the left (the one leading into the giant well) and continue to walk to the end of it.

Everything’s on Fire

Walk around and click on the little flame seeds with arrows. In the 6th image, there’s an arrow behind the Firestorm Hatchling- don’t forget about that one.

Baby’s on Fire

Go into the well and fight the Firestorm Hatchlings.

Fire In My Heart

Go into the well and fight Ssikari (the red dragon at the end of the well)

Something Stinks (UPGRADE ONLY)

Fight Sulfur Imps

Etherstorm Part 1 – Firestorm (You Are Here)
Etherstorm Part 2 – Airstorm
Etherstorm Part 3 – Waterstorm
Etherstorm Part 4 – Earthstorm 




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  1. i found 19/20 i cant find the last one

    • me to!!!!!

      • I’ve said before- it’s probably just a glitch and you clicked them too fast so it didn’t collect one of them. Log out and back in and try again.

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