AQWorlds Christmas Stuff Opens! And Some Other fancy stuff…

January 3, 2012 at 11:40 AM | Posted in AQWorlds News | 1 Comment
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Tinsel’s Presents Open!

Yup! Pretty cool right? Everything is currently open. There are ‘Ritzy’ Santa hats and an armor, and there’s also a snowman outfit as well.

The Ritzy Helms basically are black Santa hats that curve out to the side (resembling Sora’s Costume in Kingdom Hearts while in Halloween Town- you can go look that up yourself, and by the way that series is really good). Basically a black themed Christmas outfit. The hair is CC


As for the snowmen outfit, the body is a snowman with a scarf and the hat is a snowman top with a hat on. As I said before I’ll have pictures up later.


Urp and a letter from somewhere…


Time is short. You MUST journey to EtherStorm Wastes! My Master fears that you are the only one who can save us – and the world. Without your assistance, the great Desoloth – who even now directs his mighty powers at our home – will annihilate our land, causing the elements which make it up to consume us entirely!

And once he has subdued our home, he will move on to yours. Then… all of Lore! His power over the elements is massive; there is no knowing the strength he possesses. I fear for my Master. He is left shaken after the death of Zellare, the Prime Fire Dragon, but knows he must burn brightly as he calls to you, and to our as-yet-unknown new Prime Fire Dragon.

Time is short, and the fires burn hotter and higher as I write.

Please, make haste to EtherStorm Wastes! You are greatly needed!

May the Flame of Courage burn ever bright within you, I am your servant,

Acolyte to the High Priest of Fire


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  1. can you give me a free membership? my user in aq is stephanie_naparan

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