AQWorlds Frostval Weekend Update!

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2011 Cookie Contest!

Congratz to all the participated! Winners will be announced the new release on Friday. In the meantime, here’s a new song with cookies for you guys. I think it’s a lot better than last year’s in my opinion xD

Song of Frozen Heart Finale!

This Friday the last part of this year’s Frostval is releasing! This week will be able to see everyone’s hearts and soul devoured by the icy cold. With all of Lore (except you of course Hero!) turned into cold evil golems, Dead Morice turns his plans to… the moglins!

With the Flames of Frostval, you’ll have to rescue everyone!

In this update, you’ll be seeing a cameo appearance of Gravelyn as a moglin… apparently she’s going to have some rather cute expressions that will just kill you…

Ah and don’t forget, the presents are going to be opened sometime after next week.

An Update on Quibble and New Items


Quibble will be coming in with all his new stuff on Friday, so get ready for that!

There will also be three new pets that will walk around with your bank vault around for those who are too lazy to keep going to your vault. They are non-member and will cost 2000 ACs. The reason for the high cost is due to the fact that keeping these are EXTREMELY costly to the server. Not only that but not a lot of people would probably use them. As a result there is a very high price.

Do note that the Quibble version of the bank is a limited edition special item!

December’s Pet of the Month


Well. We have some derp coming our way friends. Lots of it. Lots of derpinherpin stuff for all your derpderp needs.

Do welcome, RAINDERP. Sadly he’s a member pet of course and will cost 1234 gold! A rather cheap price for such a marvelous derpityderpin reindeer.

Frostval Background!

For members there will be a new background! It’s basically a picture of Frostvale (Oh and look there’s Rainderp!)

New Year’s Update!

Well that’s two updates from now, so the one after the last Frostval update will be the New Year’s one.




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  1. That made me hungry XD

    • The cookie song, I mean.

      • LOL Nice XD

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