AQWorlds Frostvale Update!

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New Items!

Member Items!

This year, the bag is back with member goodies in Battleon! Click on the red bag in Battleon and take the items you want. They will later unwrap themselves and become rare items!

Quibble Returns

Quibble is back with more items to buy! There looks like there’s a lot of nice ones this time.

Tinsel Quests

Tinsel is also back with 4 quests with 4 items that you can take! Go to Battleon and talk to the slightly pink-white moglin to get the quests. Accept the quests, join Alpine and fight some monsters to see if you can get the drops!



Tinsel’s First Armor Gift/Tinsel’s First Helm Gift/Tinsel’s Second Armor Gift/Tinsel’s Second Helm Gift

 Fight monsters in Alpine (/join Alpine) until you get the items

Beleen’s Big Pink Birthday

It’s also Beleen’s birthday! So happy birthday to her! And along with her birthday, she’s brought a whole load of new pink items- of course you’ll have to earn them. Turn in items and dyes that you can obtain through quests (walkthrough of the quests is below). You can also buy Magenta Dye in the shop for 5 gold which will save some quest time for you.



Pink-A-Licious Prowl

For the Pink Coral, /join natatorium and fight Merdraconian and Angler Fish for it. For the Amarath Flowres, /join ancienttemple and fight Chaotic Vultures, Serpentresses, Chaotic Horcboars and Chaos Horc/Troll Spirits to get them.

Pink Petal Power!

For the Puce Petal, /join faerie and fight Aracara. For the Rose Petal, /join Palooza and fight Lord Dischordia.

Flowers for the Birthday Gal

To get the Fandango Flowers, /join the sandsea and fight Cactus Creepers. The Lotus Flowers, /join wanderers and fight Lotus Spiders.

And of course, just like every year, there’s a Frostvale shop!


Tonight everyone is getting 200 FREE ACs! 😀 Isn’t that nice?

I Haz Mod

The new contest is beginning and this time for Cysero. Good luck to everyone! You can buy tickets from Nurse Cleric in Battleon for 100 gold each. You can also get one for each offer you do and there’s extras if you’re a member.

Bloodtusk War Open to All

Yeah! I’ll update Bloodtusk later as well. Been busy lately.

Frostvale Quests

I’ve already posted this year’s Frostvale walkthrough. It’s only one section. To get there now, /join alpine! I have the guides to all the quests in the links below 😀

Have a nice holiday guys! 😀


Frostvale 2010

Frostvale 2011 

Tinsel and Beleen’s Quests (You are here)


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