AQWorlds Walkthrough: AQWorlds 3rd Birthday Part 2 (FINAL)

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The Treasure You Seek

Fight Gigantosauruses or Tyrano-Rawr-Us Rexes to get the Sharp Armor Segments. They’re basically the same thing with just a different name and slightly different armor and color.

These Trees

Look around and click on the trees with blue arrows on them.

Ewwww… Totally Gross

Fight any dinosaur and you should get Dino Spit. Aka any monster in the area.

The Eggs, Exciting and new

Go all the way up to the last screen and click on the 4 eggs. If you click on the fifth egg, you can get this pet called a ‘Mini Terror DOOMKill’.

Someday (Today) Their Mother Will Die

Fight the Mother Terror DOOMKill at the top of the mountain.



More Aliens Than You Can Handle?

Fight a Red-Eyed Alien and you should get what you need

Spy Eyes

Click on the giant purple eyes hanging around. There should be 2 of them. The one in the Quest Room doesn’t count so they’re all ahead a couple of screens (1 screen ahead and then the second should be 2 screens ahead)

Smashed to Pieces

Walk around and click on the large shards

Tired of My Vigilette Dream

Fight Red-Eyed Aliens to get the pieces

You’re Not the Boss of Me Now

Go all the way right and fight the Collector

And that’s it 😀 I’m currently adding pictures to this on. I might add pictures to the previous one- I’m not sure. Depends on how fast I can do it.



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