AQWorlds Walkthrough: AQWorlds’ 3rd Birthday Part One

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The center screen is where Drakath is and the right/left screens are basically on which side of the center the screen is. So the first right screen is where the pool is. If you get what I mean.


This Town in a Desktop Globe
Walk around the whole area (note that in the center aka where Drakath is, you can go right OR left)

Dust Bunnies Can’t Hide:
Find and kill 8 Dustbunnies of Doom

Au Contr-air Holes
Walk around and click on the blue arrows

hEro Eats Everything, Even Pellets
Walk around and collect all of the pellets

The Moth Defeats the Man?
Fight 20 Death on Wings

Can you find them?
(I’m sick of taking pictures right now so I’m just going to explain instead) The spring is first screen on the left, the pin is on the second left screen, the board is in the center screen, the hero trapper is on the first right screen and the second pin is on the second right screen.

You’ve Been Looking Everywhere!
Popsicle stick is on the second left screen, the bottle cap is on the second left screen and the rubber band is in the center screen (you have to leave the center screen and come back to it for the rubber band to appear if you just accepted the quest).

Go for Grease!
Fight any 12 monsters and you should get what you need

Doppelganger Wants to Hit You
Walk to the end of the right side and you should see the two doppelgangers

Catapult Climb
Go all the way left and click the catapult

For Science!
/join collectorslab and kill monsters there

Tokens of Vindication
Slay 2 of the monsters inhabiting the Collector’s prison to earn 1 Token of Vindication.

TERRARIUM (Click on the red pool in the first right screen)
Don’t Drink!
Defeat bunnies and moths to see if they have any water

Hurp that’s it for this week U: I’ll post the other quests in a separate post (the ones at the house that is)



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