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Bloodtusk Part 1 – Rep
Bloodtusk Part 2 – Crossroads
Bloodtusk Part 3 – Ravine Temple
Bloodtusk Part 4 – Alliance
Bloodtusk Part 5 – Ancient Temple
Bloodtusk Part 6 – Ore Cavern
Bloodtusk Part 7 – Dream Nexus (FINALE)



Beat the chaotic troll to get here


Guarded Secrets, Hidden Treasures/Into, Under the Mountain

Go to the end of the map and you’ll get what you need

Evidence of Chaos/Has the Land Been Tainted?

Pick up all the items that you need.

Learn More of the Ore/Tears of the Mountain

Fight 15 monsters and you should get the monster memories from them. It’s not a 100% drop so if you don’t get it you should get it later or something along the lines of such.

Too Little, Too Late, Still Needed/Defend the UnderMountain

Fight any monsters and click all the stuff

Alliance Defiance

Fight any monsters




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  1. i can’t get there because nobody is helping me with the war boss. Help!

  2. Could you include the fact that you need to beat the chaotic troll? Confused me at the beginning, had no idea what to do until I beat it.

    • Yeah sure! Sorry I didn’t add that >__>

  3. what do u do once u defeat the alliance leaders?? the book of lore says im finished but i havent fought Khasaanda!

  4. I did everything here… What do i do after this?__The Dark Lord__
    Blood tusk ravine is the hardest to do because it deos’nt tell you what to do.

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