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Bloodtusk Part 1 – Rep
Bloodtusk Part 2 – Crossroads
Bloodtusk Part 3 – Ravine Temple
Bloodtusk Part 4 – Alliance
Bloodtusk Part 5 – Ancient Temple
Bloodtusk Part 6 – Ore Cavern
Bloodtusk Part 7 – Dream Nexus (FINALE)




<Side that you’re on> Stink!

Fight Trollola Plants to get the Perfumed Water. Fight Chinchilizards for Scaly Skin Scrub. The water is:

You will be instructed to a person. Go to that person (depending on if you’re a Horc or a Troll)


Get Polished Rocks from Rocks, Lemurphant Ivory from Lemurphants and Liz-Leather Thongs from Chinchilizards


The Time Grows Closer

Fight Lemurphants and Koalions for what you need.


Like Calls to Like

For the Mountain Crystals, fight the Crystal Rocks, for the Liz-Leather Thongs, fight the Chinchilizards and for the Lemurphant Ivory, fight Lemurphants. Go back to Bloodtusk Ravine and fight the Rock Crystals for the Crystals.

Incense Makes Sense

For the flowers images are below. Lemurphant Masks can be gotten from Lemurphants, the Resin is from the Trollola Plants (back in Bloodtusk) and the fur is from Koalions.

Go back to Bloodtusk (BY WALKING) and enter this cave you should see.


Troll Answers

1- Ideals mean much to the Trolls. They consider having them a vital part of life. What do most Trolls consider a thought shared?

A Risk Taken

2- The Trolls, there are many tribes of them. My Plateau Trolls are most of them peaceful creatures now. But they have cousins, many of them. Which are the most dangerous?

Pine Trolls

3- There are many names for the Horc Rebellion among my children. The Trolls alone have multiple names for it. But which is most often used?

Insidious Insurrection

4- The Daughter of my Spirit, Khasaanda, sees much, but reveals little. Tell me, has she told you what she sees when she looks at Bachius?

A Path

5- Your eyes are the window to your soul. It is common wisdom among all peoples. but when your eyes are empty, what do they see?

A Million Flames

6- My children, they all want peace, if they could but admit it. But when two brothers desire the same goal, what is peace?

An Illusion

7- Troll nature is at once complex and simple. But at its core, it honors one precept. State it.

It is for…

8- Tschach is a metaphor for the intter workings of the Troll mind. One must be strategic to get ahead in life. How does one win a Tsach match?

When your Shaman…

9- It pains me to say, but not all Trolls are as honest and generous as others. I have heard rumors that there is one, Dregas, who charges some Trolls more gold for potraits, but I do not know whom.

Less attractive trolls

10- 500 years ago was a golden era for Troll dramatists. One. though, Sakii Perax, was a prolific author. How was he regarded by his audience?

As a Troll

11- Horc culture teaches that one should respect both female and male. The mountain embraces both as it harbors multiple metals. Of those metals which do the Horcs view as representing the female?


12- Horcs speaks a beautiful, if limited, language. In its simple consonants and vowels is a wealth of expression and beauty. One of their most comforting words is the name of their home. What is it?


13- Horcs are a simple people at heart. It is easy to understand them if you try. What do they value most?


14- Culture is normally thought to be valued by Trolls, but Horcs have a rich cultural history of their own. How do they share it?

Through Story Telling

15- History is written by the victors, but at present both sides hold to an uneasy truce. However, the truth is there to be found, if you search hard enough. Who first inhabited this Ravine?


16- It saddens me to recalle the strife, but why did the Trolls subdue and exploit the Horcs for so long? To understand this is to understand the Horcs.

Because of…

17- It is easy to understand Horcs, to get along with them, f you know the basic tenets of their society. What do they base their core beliefs on?


18- What did the Horc race do for the Trolls while they were treated as an inferior people?

They mined…

19- A sense of history is imperative if you are to understand the Horcs as an individual people. How long ago was the Horc rebellion?

200 years ago

Now return to the person you were following on the mountains


The <Side you Chose> Inside

Get Singing Crystals from Crystal Rocks, Koalion Claws from Koalians, Lemurphant Tusks from Lemurphants and Jungle leaves and Trollola Blossoms are in the pictures below.

Go to the center of the two roads (aka 2nd image above from the first one after the bold words) and talk to the person.




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  1. You only showed getting 8 leaves.. And you need 10.

    • Wait. No. There’s 10 of them. Two of them are kinda hidden cause of the lemurphants in the second picture

  2. how come wont give me the last trolola plant? killed 30 already

  3. changed servers and it worked

  4. 5 leafs wont apear 4 me

    • Change servers/Refresh the page/ Log in back out

  5. lol done with bloodtusk do you really think WHAT? is a question?

    • Haha xD I actually kinda saw the ‘What’ as a question- but then I was like ‘Nawww they’re not that mean’ xD

  6. what do you do if you have done the things you picked up and defeating the lemurphants and koalions where is these things part of the list

    1.singing crystals

    • Singing Crystals are from the Crystal Rocks (or Rock Crystals- I forget which one) either way- fight the rocks with blue crystals in them. They’re back at Bloodtusk not at Crossroads

      • thanks for letting me know because i do not have good memory in my family

  7. wat do i do after seeing the ecsplise cutscene?

    • Nothing~ Wait until the next release

  8. are you done with part 3 yet?

    • There’s a war so there isn’t exactly much to write about lol

      • yeah there is a war so not very much to tell to anyone!!!…

  9. hope they add more items pretty lame war too got all non member items already

    • I’m pretty sure most of the wars were pretty lame xD To me at least 😛
      But nice on getting all the non-mem items 😀

  10. does anyone know what the metals you give to the bar on the top right hand corner in the war is for?

    • It makes the bar with purple go up- which is good.

  11. what if there is nobody who needs help in this part (not like me!!! 😛 😦 )

    • If you need help with a quest (people wise for bosses and stuff) go onto the Cysero server. Always the most busy

      • well im not member what should i do

      • use healer over rank 5 and hope people come to help you took down chaos troll that way it has 90 k hp im not a member too

  12. by the way phantom, what do you do after you are done with the war?

    • There’s nothing to do after it- just wait for next week

  13. also do you know where to get cool blue/turquoise armor?
    and why is my box pink?

    • Urrr- there’s a lot of armor like that XD Describe it some more?
      Also your box is pink just cause it is xD You can change it if you make a gravatar account and reply with that

  14. I have tried changing servers, refreshing and and logging, not it doesn’t seem to work, i am missing one of the leaves each time.

  15. do you have a part 3 already

  16. i have already done the troll side but i can’t got any farther
    do i have to beat both sides of only 1

  17. please answer fast


  19. lol thanx so much even though im late to the party it still helps all the troll rep is nice

  20. hey , after talk to person at the cntre, where should going? war?

  21. what to do after the war

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