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Bloodtusk Part 1 – Rep
Bloodtusk Part 2 – Crossroads
Bloodtusk Part 3 – Ravine Temple
Bloodtusk Part 4 – Alliance
Bloodtusk Part 5 – Ancient Temple
Bloodtusk Part 6 – Ore Cavern
Bloodtusk Part 7 – Dream Nexus (FINALE)



Go up, right, up, up, up.


Dressed to Kill

The Bolts of Cloths can be gotten by Horc Boar Scouts and the shiny medals are dropped from the Rhisons. As for the flowers, I have images of where they are below.

Thinking Ahead

Click on the blossoms around the map (images below of course :P)

To get Blue Feathers, fight the Jungle Vultures and to get the Canvas Leathers, fight Horc Boar Scouts.


Terrestrial Seasoning

Get the Boar Bristles and the Boar Bone, fight Horc Boar Scouts until you get them. Dyed Feathers can be obtained from the Jungle Vultures.

Boar’ Ears in Salted-Butter Sauce

Get Rhison milk and tears from the Rhisons and get the Boar Ears from the Horc Boar Scouts.

Sput’s Really Big Cleaver

Fight Rhisons to get Rhison Steak


K-thur Horcestra

Get Trollola Leaves from the Trollola Plants, get Vulture Bones from Jungle Vultures and click the ground for the river water (pic below)

Zot’s Zidar

Get the Gold Boar teeth from the Horc Boar Scouts and the Iron Jaws from the Rhison.


Eternal Vigilance

Get Rabid Boar Teeth from HBSs (Horc Boar Scouts) and for the Torch Placed, click on the arrows.

Tlax’s Axe

Get 15 Rhison horns from Rhison.



Dedicated Denial of Resources Attack

Get 7 Vulture Meat from the Jungle Vultures, 5  Boar Meat from the Hoar Boar Scouts and you’ll need 3 Rhison Meat from the Rhisons.

Trolls of War

You can get the 7 drum leathers from the Hoar Boar Scouts and the 10 Talon Rattles can be obtained from the Jungle Vultures.

Gentle Muse, Breathe Life Into My Ant!

Get 15 Harp Strings from fighting the vultures, boars and rhisons.


Boar’s Feet in Salted Butter

Get Rhison Milk and tears from Rhisons and get Boar Feet from HBSs.

Trollola Terrine

Get Trollola Leaves from Trollola Plants and Vulture Wing Meat from Jungle Vultures

Cooking Techniques: Practicuum

Get Vulture Wipped from Jungle Vultures and Rhison Beatens from Rhisons. You can get the Blue Trollola Blossoms by clicking on them.


Ain’t Gonna Paint, No Ingredients!

Get the Blossoms from around the map by clicking on them. Get Blue Feathers from Jungle Vultures and Canvas Leathers from HBSs.

Gallery Gala: Opens Next Week

Click on the blue arrows and get Rabid Boar Teeth from HBSs.


The Low Elvish Language

Get the Unidentified Dictionary Page1s from the Trollola Plant. The Translation Page1 is obtained from the Rhisons.

The High Elvish Language

Get the Unidentified Dictionary Page2s from Rocks and the Translation Page 2 can be gotten from the ground through clicking

The Low Trollic Language

Get Vulture Spit from Jungle Vultures and Pulverized Ravine Rocks from  Rocks.


Dancin’ Hair-Do’s …and Hair-Don’ts

Get Boar Bristles and the Bone from the HBSs and Dyed Feathers from Jungle Vultures

Samba, samba, samba-style!

Get Bolts of Cloth from HBSs, Shiny Metal from Rhison and get Fallen Trollola Blossoms from the arrows around the map




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  1. i need the last fallen trollola blossom

    • Ah sorry I don’t have pictures yet 😐

  2. whens the part about the twins going to be up?

    • Urrrr what part about the twins? The cutscene? Or next weeks release (Friday :P)?

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