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So right now, you have to fight the shadow serpents to get the scale (IT’S NOT A 100% DROP)- but the area (level 4 of Bludrut) is currently MEMBER ONLY. The team is working on fixing it right now. I don’t know if it’s fixed- I haven’t checked. But I don’t know where it would be (the scale) for now (aka after the update)

/join marsh2 For both quests.

For Quest 3, beat the Shadow Serpent. For Quest 4 (Make sure that Quest 3 is no longer on your quest list- if it is you can’t complete quest 4) beat the really fat thing (I’m too lazy to look up its name).


You have to get two people on the other side or in the other room to de-activate the turrets (one and two)- YOU CANNOT JUST RUN BY- UNLESS you’re using your LAST SKILL if you’re a rogue, pirate, barber, leprechaun or one of those types of classes. I would recommend the first method though.

As for the rest of J6- I updated it. But I’m not exactly sure if it’s all that neat xD I have to re-organize it and make it look a bit better.



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