AQWorlds Walkthrough: Doomwood Part 7 (Part One ‘FINALE’)

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Doomwood Part 1 – Doomwood Forest
Doomwood Part 2 – Chopping Maul
Doomwood Part 3 – Tower of Necromancy
Doomwood Part 4 – Necromancer University
Doomwood Part 5 – Temple of Doomwood
Doomwood Part 6 – Lab/Mountain
Doomwood Part 7 – ‘Finale’
Doomwood Part 8 – ‘Doomwood Part 2’ Necropolis Dungeon
Doomwood Part 9 – Necrocavern
Doomwood Part 10 – Zombies
Doomwood Part 11 – Zombies Finale


(/join Vordredboss)

This is all alone battle. You’ll have to fight and all these other monsters by yourself unless you /goto your friends. They have fairly low HP though. So all is good. Each player gets their own room. Which is pretty sweet and a cool idea.

There is no walkthrough for this- but I’ll list everything below for people who want spoilers and junk. Just try EVERY single option and see what happens 😀 Have fun guys.


By picking a person, you’ll unlock that person’s shop and the person will kill Vordred in the end.

Gravelyn- At the end you’ll unlock Gravelyn’s shop.

Vayle- At the end you’ll unlock Vayle’s shop

Zorbak-At the end you’ll unlock Zorbak’s shop.

??? (Aka DAMIYO WHAT COULD BE CUTER) – Unlock Damiyo’s shop and the Challenge Fight (aka super strong Vordred)


Protect- You’ll hold off Vordred

Stop- You’ll say that his shoe untied- but he’s got swim trunks and no shoes to be tied. You’ll hold off Vordred

Backstab- You literally stab Artix in the back. ;A; Teh poor paladin. But hey at least you get a new game! xD And you have suffer uber long credits~


You’ll throw a spear no matter what you pick.


It doesn’t matter. You’ll do it.

Wow, Doomwood was awesome! Best story line so far 😀 Thanks a lot AQW Team!




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  1. wait what about the vordred in the room vordred?

    • That’s still there- but you can’t beat him still (You never will xD)- it’s there just to disappoint the people that have just started Doomwood 😛

      • wait is this how

        1.get level 30 or higher

        2.get a rogue or necromancer

        3.get an undead sword

        4. attack vordred

        i found it at youtube can yo try it and tell me if it works or not it might work in the room vordred just find out

      • its hard to be rank 10 i only rank 7 !
        can u give me some tips to be rank 10 ?
        plsss i want ur TIPS !

      • Ahhh I don’t really have any tips to be honest, just spend your time doing quests. You can do the 5K ones at Giants of They. Doing one ’round’ (each of the non-member quests) you’ll get 1,875 EXP which may not necessarily be worth your time. But it takes a long time to do the Giants of They rep quests as well. I mean after all it is 5K EXP. Take your pick for what’s faster. I think the the monsters at They are weaker so… yeah.
        7-8: 51,200 Rep
        8-9: 72,900 Rep
        9-10: 100,000 Rep
        If you need rep EXP points by the way.

      • HOLY SHIT !
        d ULTIMATe VOrdred is Hard 2 defEAt !

    • where do i get more quest in doomwod will i finish it still i am rank 8

  2. thats lame i mean u dont even get his awesome armor or his awesome helmet this makes me sad

    • xD Well at least it drops SOMETHING

  3. help how do i get the j5 armor i REALLY WANT IT
    and i cant unlock moon yard quests (not moon yard b) how!!

  4. hey phantom how do you rank up fast on doomwood im rank 7 and i want to be rank 10 so i can get nue necronomicon and get necromancer help!

    • If you want to finish by a certain time, calculate the amount of rep you need and divide it by 1,875 if you’re doing by round. Here are the rank requirements…
      1-2: 900 Rep
      2-3: 2,700 Rep
      3-4: 6,400 Rep
      4-5: 12,500 Rep
      5-6: 21,600 Rep
      6-7: 34,300 Rep
      7-8: 51,200 Rep
      8-9: 72,900 Rep
      9-10: 100,000 Rep
      Lol yeah- just set a time limit and everything should be faster 😛 Hope you get it soon! Sorry I don’t really have a way to get to Rank 10

      • wait i know how start the lightguard and shadowfallwar quests and thank for the info

      • No problemooo

  5. quest rewards doomwood what can be rep crotchety? the daily

    • Um…. what?

      • is there a quest to get a lot of reputation doomwood ?

      • Oh. Not really- there’s only the daily quests after you finish all of Doomwood.

      • maybe you can give me a way to be able to rank 10 fast

      • If you want to finish by a certain time, calculate the amount of rep you need and divide it by 1,875 if you’re doing by ’round’ (all NONMEM quests at once). Here are the rank requirements…
        1-2: 900 Rep
        2-3: 2,700 Rep
        3-4: 6,400 Rep
        4-5: 12,500 Rep
        5-6: 21,600 Rep
        6-7: 34,300 Rep
        7-8: 51,200 Rep
        8-9: 72,900 Rep
        9-10: 100,000 Rep

        Sorry I don’t really have a fast way to rank up ^^;

  6. ok, thank you

    • No problem 😀

      • if exp boost is useful to raise rep doomwood quickly?

      • It’d probably help. I’m not sure by how much it raises the rep though.

  7. lol the almighty vordred only has 2000 hp

    • I know right? XD

      • yeah because did helose some weight (or lose fat lol 🙂 good thing he got weaker)

      • but d ULTIMATE Vordred has 30k of HP T_T
        xhet hard to defeat him !


      • If you’re talking about the Vordred at ‘Vordred’, he’s impossible to defeat. If there’s some Vordred in the last part that has 30K HP (which I don’t remember at all xD), there’s A LOT of monsters with more than 30K HP xD

  8. since he grew a thousand times more powerful does that mean he started off with 2 hp?

    • If he did grow 1000 times more powerful I guess xDDDD

  9. how rare is it to get his armour?

    • I don’t THINK he drops anything xD Let me check later

      • he drops it i think it is 50% not sure but its only a armor so yeah

  10. it didn’t unlock the shop after i defeated vordred… why won’t it let me?

    • Which shop?

      • …. I think he mean the Four ending shops. I can;t unlock it neither…
        er… Do we actually need to do bad ending…to unlock the rest…?

      • i have unlock it all you just have to continuously do the ending over and over again for 5 times, the first 3 times you choose a different person each time,zorbak, gravelyn, and vayle. (in no particular order) then you do the dog one, then you backstab artix

    • me to it just ended
      hate it alot

  11. also does anyone know how to email aqw staff and ask them if you can repeat the doomwood saga for the rep?

    • You can’t- the only thing that they MIGHT (probably wouldn’t do though) is to wipe out your whole entire Doomwood Saga stuff (including rep). It wouldn’t be fair to others if they let you keep all that rep.
      So as far as I know, nope. It wouldn’t be fair- the only thing you can do is just do a lot of Lightguard quests.
      Thanks for all the comments by the way 😀

  12. umm… the shops arent unlocked and i picked all of them.

    • Have you finished everything else before this part? If you haven’t that could be the reason why…

  13. if you really want to get the fast way for doomwood Rank 10 just type /join lightguard then take all of the quest there (except quest from Lady Speedstyk). Then type /join doomwood and defeat 4 doomwood ectomancer, 5 doomwood soldier, 3 doomwood bonemunche, and 5 doomwood treeant. After that, go back to lightguard and turn in all the quest and do it again and again. (1 time you do it, you get 1175 doomwood rep.) thanks for you all and good luck… ^_^

    • but rank10 doomwood is 100k !
      haha 100x back and back ! ^^

  14. how do u get the paladin slayer armor.Cause i saw on the forums about it.And it looks so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want it so bad so pls reply

  15. umm i did all the endings but my doomwood sagas not complete what am i doing wrong? and yes i completed everything before

    • Uh, check the pages on the side in your book of Lore (click the book of Lore in the corner of the menu, click story, more, click ‘Doomwood’ and there should be pages on the right side of the book (they’re more like tabs and they’re black by the way). Flip through those and see if there’s anything un-checked.

      • i also didnt get doomwood complete. i got all check on my pages accept for vordred and i beat him like 10x

      • Hum. Everyone seems to be having this problem… I’m not sure why though .-.

    • Try checking at Lightguard. It also shows the story of Doomwood (the process it is)

  16. Hmm I can’t seem to get the “Vordred” checked off in my doomwood, I’ve beaten him 10 times, unlocked all the shops. But it doesn’t let me finish, I also see that when I pick Daimyo it isn’t checked off like the other evil choices. Is it because I am evil? Please help asap. Thank you.

  17. what is next when i defeat vordred??

    • Uhhh that’s it ouo

      • do i need to defeat mega vordred
        in challenge fight????

  18. If u want to rank up fast type /join shadowfallwar and accept the quest and kill the monsters xD its easier here

  19. where to find a creature shard im dropped accidently

    • Fight the Creature in the Shopping Mall. It’s a really low drop though.

  20. Why i can’t unlock the gravelyn shop ?
    And Why my Doomwood story in Vordred section is stiil not completed yet ? i’m already kill the Voldred

    • Gravelyn’s shop? For the first option in the cutscene you have to click first choice.
      I think you might have to get everything? If you have anything not checked in the Book of Lore for Doomwood you might want to check that out. I don’t know why but a lot of people are having trouble checking off Vordred.

  21. Hey I love this website just that on this VordredBoss part (Last Chapter of Doomwood in Book of Lore) I cant seem to find out which option is the correct one. Im trying to get the shops but it doesnt unlock even though I clicked on that person’s option. I cant even seem to get a checkmark on the options or so? Please help…

  22. Man the last part never unlocks…….at least i got the armor drop

  23. yeah it never have a check mark on book of lore

    • It’s a glitch. It hasn’t bee really fixed

  24. why can’t I unlock the shops of gravylyn zorback or etc. every time I continue and example pick zorbak when it comes to the part when vordred is enraged when I defeated him he just die and nothing happen pls help..

    • Hm. I dunno. Have you finished the previous parts of the story line?

  25. where to go after completing the quest ”charging up”?
    i get send to the yard after completing the quest charging up and now i dont know what to do next..

    • Uhhh which quest?

  26. uh in aqw what part is finale??

    • Er what do you mean finale? As in Doomwood or the whole AQW storyline? Well the AQW storyline hasn’t ended yet so… Y:
      If it’s for doomwood I believe it’s /join vordredboss

  27. i nearly killed him (with my friends )but man my freakin computer lagged me out……..and it seemed to effect the whole group………REPLY

  28. I was do anything until Part 6, but in Part 7, i was defeat Ultra Latest Vordred and there’s not appeares “Choices”, you know, about unlocking the Shops! What can i do?

    • Hmmm I’m not quite sure that I follow? have you completed everything up to this point? What do you mean by choices?

  29. Hey, so you seem like a smart guy. xD I’m currently in the process of finishing up Doomwood, Part four I believe (temple)? I have yet to complete The Stone Paladin’s merge quest. However, I’ve kind of hit somewhat of a rough patch. I recently embarked on Artix’s BLoD quest Blinding Light of Destiny handle. Intell seems to suggest to a ???’s shop. :/ Whatever that means? I’ve already completed the grinding bones achievement, yet the shop still elludes me. Perhaps I’ve embarked on a quest beyond the scope of

  30. -> my current accomplishments? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Answer must be EXPLICIT! xD Thanks!

  31. after finishing the quests in the lab and mountain, where would I go next?? pls reply the “/join…..” type (e.g. /join vordredboss) so that I would know the correct sequencing and if you can, reply the correct sequences of the rooms (“/join…”) until the very last part 😀

    • /join necrodungeon
      /join necrocavern
      /join doomhaven

      Hope that helps!

  32. how to unlock ??? shop?

    • use the daimyo option at start of battle

  33. yeah,,how,,-_- i defeat Vordred many times -_-

  34. shops unlocked… why ??

  35. i got this problem where i beat everything from doomwood to aqw zombies and i still cant get 100% doomwood in my book of lore (i need it for ending of 13 lords of chaos) can u guys help a bit?

  36. I defeated him but nothing happens ??? someone tell me whats going on plz i spent 1 hour killing him

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