AQW Walkthrough: J6 – Unlocking the Hyperium and Shop

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J6 Saga – Unlocking the Hyperium
J6 Saga – Data Disk 6
J6 Saga – Data Disk 5
J6 Saga – Data Disk 4
J6 Saga – Data Disk 3
J6 Saga – Data Disk 1, Data Disk 2, and Prologue (FINALE)

Complete in order of, Unlocking Hyperium, and then the Datadisk quests backwards in number (aka the way I have placed them)




Fight the sketchy dragon on the boat (just keep walking and you’ll see a boat- walk onto that). Fight it until you get the J6 Map.

CRASH SITE (/join Dwakel)

Go up a screen and into the barn (up and up again). There’s a random red button on one of the boilers. Click that.


Equip the map and click on it. Go to the coordinates (345,200) or close to that. Scan near that area until the red button turns green. Then click.



Practice Makes Perfect Bottle

Fight the trash cans (go left a screen from where Black Boles is) until you get a perfect bottle, or you can get 100 broken bottles and turn them in for a perfect bottle. If you want to turn them in, go into the Saloon and left and talk to the dude on the left.

Text (This is NOT a Quest. It’s just what he says. This applies to every ‘Text’ after this one)

1. Where J6 was spotted last?

…hmmm? Whazits? Sorry, this Moglinberry Juice reminds me of the cold smoothies that I used to get on Westion when I went to school in Soluna City. Mmmmm… delicious!

2. Who saw J6 last?

Well, if the gossip was true, then the last person who saw J6 was the Engineer of Zephyrus. I can’t recall his name though.

3. What did J6 steal?

Oh, whatever J6 stole was important. The sure-shot always gets his prize. If he wants it, he’s ganna steal it. No doubt about it.

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

If you ever plan on fighting J6, don’t bring a knife. He’s really quick on the draw…

5. What is J6’s eye color?

If J6 had Pink Eye, then I wonder that color his eyes would turn out to be?

6. What is J6’s class?

Once a thief, always a thief. That’s no class I would want to live by. But to each their own, right?


Tap That Cactus

Find cacti and click them.


1. Where J6 was last spotted?

Soluna City, definitely. Ordering a pizza. Oh wait, was that someone else? Lemmie tell you— these long shifts are doing a number on my memory.

2. Who saw J6 last?

Hmm, I don’t know who would have seen J6 last. Maybe a hot cup o’ Joe will help stimulate my memory? Yes, yes… a hot cup o’ Joe sounds mighty nice right now.

3. What did J6 steal?

What hasn’t he stolen? Exactly. J6 will steal anything of value, whether it’s gemeralds, a running locomotive, or even crystalized dragon breath!

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Swords! There are so many different types of swords out there that it’s near impossible for me to a weapon of choice. Oh waaiit, you were talking about J6’s favorite, huh? Uhh…

What is J6’s eye color?

Malachite. Chartreuse. Verdigris. Those are my kids’ names. I named them all after my favorite color…and also J6’s.

What is J6’s class?

Class? HA! What class? Just kidding. I don’t think the world of Lore has a class set out that describes his “class.”


Rock Paper Scissors (GAME)

Play a game of rock, paper, scissors with Henry. He switches his item near the end, so take advantage of that and change near 2 or 3.


1. Where J6 was spotted last?

Oh, where was J6 last seen? Hmm… I think his silhouette was somewhere over the direction in which the sun sets…

2. Who saw J6 last?

Artix, Cysero, Joe Jingle, Thyton, and Rolith. Heed my riddle, traveler; the middle man will be the last to have seen J6.

3. When did J6 steal?

J6 has stolen many things that I can’t keep track anymore. Something dealing with Dragons? Or Crystals? Maybe both… or maybe neither?

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Hey, I have a question for you: do you have tickets? <pause> *flexes arm muscles* Tickets to the gun show, of course! Ah-ha-hahaha! Good one, right?

5. What is J6’s eye color?

J6’s eye put the “G” in Roy G Biv!

6. What is J6’s class?

Class? Class! I just missed my night class! Oh man, I have got to go… sorry I couldn’t be more help!


Get That Recipe!

/join Cellar and go up a screen and then left. Click the recipe.


1. Where J6 was spotted last?

I dunno, buddy— the last time I spoke to Artix, he said Cysero told Reens that he heard that J6 was somewhere West of here. But other than that, I dunno where.

2. Who saw J6 last?

Who saw J6 last? Ha! Well it certainly wasn’t me— I haven’t seen that bounty hunter since he left on a supposed train robbery mission.

3. What did J6 steal?

He’s stolen the heart of Cinazool, that’s for certain! But if I had to bet AdventureCoins on it, I’d say he’s after a much more mammoth prize. One that is valuable as a Dragon!

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

His weapon of choice has to be that giant axe he slugs around Battleon. Oh wait, you’re talking about J6? Do ya honestly think I’d ever WANT to find that bit of information out? You should lay off the Raspberry Smoothies, buddy.

5. What is J6’s eye color?

Hidden behind that red, gray, and green glowy helm of his.. how would I know what color his eyes were? Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

6. What is J6’s class?

Hey buddy, sorry I can’t help you out, but something came up. Came up missing, that is. Some of my tavern treasures have disappeared… I wonder if a thief is to blame?


Tip Out

I’m not giving pics for this xD It’s a bit obvious. Go down the stairs and click all the gold coins. There are also coins in the peoples’ rooms and in the trash can area. There may be so creeping coins on top of furniture. Just letting you know.  There are 13 in Room 2, 5 in Room 3, 14 in the second room of the saloon, 14 in the first room of the saloon and 7 in the area with trash cans.


1. When J6 was last spotted?

The last time I heard anything about J6 was when I was tending the bar over on Westion. But that was ages ago, sugar.

2. Who saw J6 last?

Dunno who last saw J6 , sweetie. But I gatta make a a cup o’ Joe for the pianist over there! He looks like he needs that caffeine boost!

3. What did J6 steal?

Left socks! He has stolen thousands! Er wait, was that Cysero? Wouldn’t stealing something valuable like crystalized dragon breath or a vault full of Gold be more profitable… or rational?

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Those colts of his are more like stallions… with just as much horsepower hidden behind those triggers!

5. What is J6’s eye color?

I think J6’s eyes are similar in color to that of Cysero’s robes. But I’m not too sure— I haven’t seen that man in ages!

6. What is J6’s class?

Is “Heartbreaker” a class yet? Well it should be— that thieving J6 stole my heart years ago…


Juice on the Loose

/join Graveyard and fight Jack Sprat, then /join Dwarfprison and fight Warden Elfis, and the last, /join Mobius and fight the Cyclops Warlord.


1. Where J6 was spotted last?

Geeze, I wish I knew where J6 was. I have traveled all across Westion trying to find him. The man owes me big time after our previous outing. I’m hoping that he’ll show up here one day… *hic*

2. Who saw J6 last?

Do you really think I would know who saw J6 last? The best person to talk to *hic* would be some Joe-shmo by the name of Jingle.

3. What did J6 steal?

Hey, bud, if you plan on standing that close to me, you might wanna invest in some breath mints. Now what was the question? Eh, nevermind, I probably wouldn’t know the answer anyways.

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

What is J6’s weapon of choice? Um… it’s right on the tip of my tongue… OH! Yea. That thing. Requires a permit. Bang bang!

5. What is J6’s eye color?

An unbroken horse. Something relating to envy. The color of air coolant in giant Mecha. Yep, his eyes are that color.

6. What is J6’s class?

His Class? *hic* Come on now, isn’t it obvious? His crimes are classified as anything but petty…


I’m a spy!

J6 will take you out like the beast he is.

I want items! -> Can I be your foe?

J6 will take you out like the beast he is. Again. xD

I want items! -> Can I be your friend?

Here are the test answers…

1. Where J6 was spotted last?


2. Who saw J6 last?

Joe Jingle

3. What did J6 steal?

Crystallized Dragon Breath

4. What is J6’s weapon of choice?

Dual Revolvers

5. What is J6’s eye color?


6. What is J6’s class?


Now that you’re done, take the coordinates, open your map and travel to the hyperium ( 525, 275). Gave you the coordinates in case you’re too lazy to check out the item yourself.


You need someone to disable the turrets from the other side, or be a Barber, Leprechaun, Ninja, Pirate, Renegade, Rogue or Vampire Class and use your 5th/last skill and run across the turret area.

Go to J6 (aka all the way on the right). If you have a DEX (Dexterity) higher than 7 (check by pressing ‘C’), look for J6’s pant pocket and click it. Go left a screen and into the second door which leads to an elevator. Click the first button (bottom most). Click the screen and take the quest.



(I’m not sure if you can see HAL, but if you can’t, go to ‘Opening the Shop’)

Getting to HAL

Go to the elevator and go the second floor. Click the little black circle on the screen.


Mission 1
/join Forest and go all the way to the right twice and fight a Zardman Grunt.

Mission 2
/join Boxes, go right  a screen and fight the Sneeviltron.

Mission 3
/join Marsh2 and go all the way to the right and you’ll find a Shadow Serpent. Fight it to get the serpent scale

Mission 4
/join Marsh2 and go to the right until you see a really fat thing. Fight that

Mission 5
/join djinn and fight a  harpy

Mission 6
/join xantown and fight any of the monsters in the area

Opening the Shop

Go back to the Hyperium and go to the room left of the elevator. Press the buttons in this order.

And yay, shop opened.




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  1. it says quest has not been unlocked yet for the deactivated robot

  2. oh yeah the guy sitting next to the lizard man at car 6 gives you the handkerchief quest

  3. man i cant find 1 tip in quest of annie star -.- plz upload pics plz..:)

  4. to deactivate the robots u need chrystalized dragon breath. it can be obtained by going to j6 at the saloon and clicking the thing in the furnace. then u can go to hyperium and press the buttons to turn off the robots but you need two other people to turn off the robots while you run across

  5. I cant accept quest of deactivated bot it says quest has not been unlocked

    • Because u have to finish the Mission1 and Mission2 of H.A.L and im dizzy is The Baron the good guy here

  6. i don’t receive the H.A.L missions, after finish the train

  7. this is MY WAY to go pass turret (dont tell artix)
    say /join alley
    than go to your left to the door to join hyperspace
    after that click chapter 6 grand theft locomotive
    then dont go down the stairs
    but, go to the portal to join the VR room (Hyperium)
    then click exit at the mission menu and go to the elevator
    click the upper button at the elevator
    After that, go to the right to the next room
    after that click j6 pocket to get the VR Room Acess card
    now you wouldnt have to worry about turrets anymore 🙂

    share this knowledge to all aqw players except staff
    (i dont want them to know this or they will fix it)

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