Doom Fountain Quests o3o

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I finally got it. FROM A SLIME WUT. XD Anyway, I took time off from Part 5 of Doomwood to do the little questies. Um what else was I going to say. Ah yes. I’ve been scolded for not doing my work lately xD So I have part of Part 5 up. Um. Yeah. xD Thus I have ‘Hiding from Mother’ on the title. Yup.

The quest itself is pretty simple. Just fight 2 Doomwood Treants and 2 Shelletons. I’m going to post this on the other thing ASAP. Aka probably tomorrow cause I’m lazy and I have to finish Part 5 as quickly and secretively as possible… ;A; Wish me luck my children.

  • Fortune #1
    • You have remarkable power which you are not using. But which any necromancer would be happy to… borrow.
  • Fortune #2
    • Don’t let doubt and suspicion bar your progress. Or zombies.
  • Fortune #3
    • Your principles mean more to you than any power, wealth, or success. No-one in the Necropolis believes this, so watch your HP. And your inventory.
  • Fortune #4
    • You will fortunate in the opportunities presented to you. Unless those opportunities take place in DoomWood.
  • Fortune #5
    • You will not easily reach the height of success in whatever you do. You will have a harder time reaching the top of the Tower of Necromancy, though.
  • Fortune #9
    • Protective measures will prevent costly disasters. Especially here in DoomWood.
  • Fortune #10
    • You are admired (especially by zombies) for your mind.
  • Fortune #6
    • Accept something that you cannot change, like your new living undeath.
  • Fortune #7
    • Feeding a zombie with genius brains does not get extra appreciation.
  • Fortune #8
    • A long life was in store for you.


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