Class Update And Blog Update

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Currently the DoomKnight class is 10,000 gold and Member only (located in ShadowFall). On Friday since it’s so uber and powerfulz, it will require rank 10 Warrior, rank 10 Healer, rank 5 Evil Faction and Member. So, you probably should get it now  XD

They’re also adding a new passive thingy called Doomstrike. For every hit you give, there’s a small chance that the damage will be 50x the original damage.


Currently the Paladin Class requires rank 10 Warrrior and rank 10 Healer and member (located in Swordhaven). On Friday it will require Rank 10 warrior, rank 10 Healer and rank 5 Good Faction and Member.

There’s some moves they’re changing as well. Rank 10 of Paladin will unlock a passive thingy where for every hit you make, there’s a small chance that it will do a team heal (that’s only if you have a party) and make you invulnerable to hits for a bit.


So I herd you liek dracolich? Might be a coming on Friday…


Hero Smash

So I am probably going to start writing about Hero Smash as well. Whether you like it or not, I’m writing about it xD It’s still kind of new so I can reach the level cap pretty soon- which makes me happy. I’ve never reached a level cap before (yes that includes AQW 😛 I’m still not even close to it xD) so this will be a first. I already have some guides written (sorta :P) and I just have to get some other stuff and maybe I’ll be done.

New Catagory

Some of you are having trouble with quests and seem to be unable to find them with your marvelous searching skills (yes I can see everything you search xD Write a 50 character message and I might say hi to ya 😛 Or just comment xD). So I’m adding a new category under Search Responds (I just realized how grammatically incorrect that was) with AQWorld quests and eventually Hero Smash.

Old Posts

I might delete the older posts that I have on this blog since I have a lot of junk filed back there xD Not sure- but it’ll hopefully make the blog more clean. Hopefully. xD



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