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So a lot of people have been searching this up so I’m reposting just for you guys 😀


Need for Speed (Reading)!

You actually do have to finish reading all the books in under a minute. What I did (although I highly doubt that it helped) was that I opened up the quest window, closed the talking window with eyeCom on it, accepted the quest and clicked the nearest book and then proceeded to close the quest window.

What you basically do is click all the books ‘reading’ them. BUT. You have to read the one all the way to the right first. Then you have the ability to speed read. I have the book circled in red below…

IF THIS DOESN’T WORK– Refresh the page/log out and back in and try again.

First you accept the quest.
Then you click all books except for one.
Then Join a different necrotower and click the last book.
It’s really easy and It works too.

Kudos to Warlord850


Get out of the tower and head north to go out of necrotower. Then when you want to exit, it will say ‘Go to the necromancer University’? Click ‘yes’. Then go back into ‘Tower of necromancy’ again. Run back into the tower and click on the last book. SUCCESS! Hope this helps cause I have been doing this for half and hour.

Kudos to Unknown

Hope this helps you guys!




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    • Really? 😐 That’s weird.
      Are you saying that you when you read the book on the right you can’t speed read? If it doesn’t say anything, try clicking another book. If it moves pretty slowly, log out and log back in and try again. If it still doesn’t work tell me.

      • it dont work mate

      • Read it again. Changed it. Sorry, I forgot to edit it. Hopefully it works…?

      • when he says read all the books under a min u really have 2 keep that in mind.also pick out a book and don’t read it then the best to get back quick click your house icon then go to your map and go to the tower then click on the book you did not read and then read it then it should say quest (trust me it works)

      • xD No problem o3o Yeah I was kind of skeptical about it at first- but it works so xD
        As for the floors, I have a walkthrough for that over here ->

    • @masicar mayhan: thanks men it really worked!: :))

  2. You make this seem hard xD. Heres the easy way to beat it.
    First you accept the quest.
    Then you click all books accept for one.
    Then Join a different necrotower and click the last book.
    It’s really easy and It works too.

    • xD I’ve heard of that one too. I didn’t try it (and I can’t really try it again xD)
      Soooo can you give me some proof or something? I trust you that it works, but can you give me some proof anyway? o3o Thanks a lot~

    • How do you join a different Necrotower? I do /join necrotower-2 and it says “Can’t join a room you’re already in

  3. nothing works i tried it five times i did an restart with the cump and i log off and still wont work you ppl are idots

    • *Sigh* To show that it does work though… -> It’s been glitching for a lot of people apparently e__e Ur, I also found this, I don’t know about it though and I don’t have a second account I can try it on.
      “to complete u gotta read all books EXCEPT the one leaning on the LEFT book shelf, then you leave the area, come back, then read the book and done ”

      If it still doesn’t work,
      “First you accept the quest.
      Then you click all books accept for one.
      Then Join a different necrotower and click the last book.
      It’s really easy and It works too.”
      That should work. Hopefully e__e

      • weehehehha it works

      • Np

      • yeah it really works thanks………aj

      • No probleemo o3o

  4. thanks man it worked i was really skeptical if i should do it but i was desperate so thanks any idea oh how do beat the mini game that follows?

  5. thanks it works martin

  6. so really how do you actually do it its weird

  7. thanks it worked

  8. Wait is it still tamed I’m stuck on it but does it restart the timer when you leave or do you have to move fast?

    • Ummm I’m pretty sure the way I posted works and there shouldn’t be a problem with it. I’m not sure if the timer keeps going but I’m sure it’s not that hard to complete the quest so you probably won’t have to worry about that.
      Sorry I completed the quest a different way when it came out so I wouldn’t really know ^^;;

  9. I’m level 16 and when i do the read very slow and i tried to log out several times and it read slowly always….

    • Doesn’t have to do with your level. You’re probably doing it wrong or something because you haven’t picked up the book yet

  10. Thank phantom it realy worked

  11. w0w thank you thank you thank you… God Bless YOU!!!!!! ur The Best!!

    • Youre welcome!

  12. can u do that for me?

  13. oh it just worked! actually no need to change the location by going home or what… but just find the server with least people about 100 people (even Portuguese server) then, the reading speed will be the fastest! trust me! if doest worked contact me at twitter ( wanie_raina ) thanks a lot!!!

  14. its really really work thx

  15. ty so much man 🙂

  16. tnx a lot

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