AQWorlds Update

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I’m not really a member so I can’t access it, but it’s been updated. Have fun guys!

There’s a new screen for it too 😀

There’s also a new server just for Portuguese speaking people 😀 Brazillian players are starting to rise 😛

Espada. My first thought was Bleach t(;A;t)


Several items have been added…

  •  Charon’s Spear (by Aliella)

  •  Angel Champion Armor (by _Aegis_)

  •  Angel Champion Wings (by _Aegis_)

  •  Soul-Eater Sword (by DarkDrago)

  •  Shadow’s Edge (by Aeoden)

  •  Reki’s Twin Daggers (by Reki)

  •  Gryphon Maul (by Blake Don)

  •  Crimson Zwiehander (by Cervantes)

  •  Phazed Blade of Vengeance (by Mateuslindaumdemais)

If I recall correctly, all of these are member only… so meh.


Your friend’s levels will be raised to level 40. On the friend’s list. It can now display up to 40. To 40. TO 40 LAND.

NEXT FRIDAY, the gold cap will be raised to 4 MILLION. THAT’S OVAR 9 DOUSAND. AREN’T DAT AWESOME.’

And don’t forget about the Father’s Day shop coming out 😀

That’s all for now guys. Woo for really short paragraphs. REALLY. Short ones.





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